Why Debates Over Minor Personnel Changes Are Out of Hand

Yes, this is a Redskins blog.

Yes, we want to talk about every possible, hypothetical scheme, personnel combination, and playcalling situation.

Yes, it is okay to do so.

However, people are taking issues like Brandon Banks and Rex v Beck to such levels that they are getting pissy with each other over them. That really doesn't need to be the case, and shouldn't be the case, and here is why...

Minor, mid-season, personnel changes only really matter, when a team is a playoff team, or has a lot of stability. These types of changes are always a gamble, and typically for a questionable amount of gain. You MIGHT get a SMALL performance boost from ditching brandon banks. You MIGHT get a SMALL performance boost from starting John Beck. Unfortunately that is a big MIGHT.

For the team that is a playoff and superbowl contender, that MIGHT can make a big difference. That small upgrade might take them to the superbowl rather than the conference championship. They have to make every little tweak to try and make that jump.

For the team that is not a playoff and superbowl contender and/or is rebuilding and doesn't yet have stability (that would be us), that MIGHT just get you another win or two.

Now, 1-2 more wins are important. 1-2 more wins can be the difference between the playoffs and not making the playoffs. However, a long term picture needs to be kept in mind. Does ditching Banks make us a better team in 2 years from now? Does starting Beck make us a better team two years from now?

Eh. No one can answer that, and even if you try to, it's not going to be a night and day difference. And if it's not going to make a sure boost to this teams long term outlook, than it is not worth risking STABILITY for 1-2 wins THIS SEASON.

We have a capable staff and front office now. They have a plan, and they need to just see it out. If we lose 1-2 game this year in the name of stability, and being a better franchise in another 2 years, so be it.

Because we hit a nice stride and notched a couple of wins, we might be telling ourselves we are a playoff team, but we need to keep our pre-season predictions of 8-8 in mind. Teams hit strides, teams hit lows. They tend to even out. Even if we pull off a playoff berth, that doesn't mean we are on the level of some of the perennial playoff teams. We still have a lot of foundational work to do the next two years, so let's not kill each other over minor things.

Debate them? Sure.

Get all pissed saying that it is a game-breaking decision and build up animosity? Really not necesssary.

Our chemistry, talent, culture, and stability is where we should be focusing right now.

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