Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League #1: Week 4 Review

Week 4 saw the toppling of one of the last two un-beatens (Ken), and the rising of two winless teams (Parks and Cdavis). Just as there is parity in the NFL, so there is parity in HogsHaven fantasy football.

Week 1 Results:

(Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg; defeated (Travisjh86) Rusty Rectums; 315-197

Shvd came out stomping in what I called the game of the week in the last post. 57 points from DeSean Jackson was huge, and 46 points from Jimmy Graham was a pleasant surprise for him. Rusty Rectums tried the old "only start one defense in a two defense league" trick that Deep Ball tried a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately for Travisjh, sub-par Rex Grossman (9 points) and Rob Gronkowski (3 points) performances plus an Andre Johnson injury spelled defeat.

(Parks Smith) RVA’s Chicken Salad defeated (Ken Meringolo) StupidSexyFlanders; 279-272

This matchup turned out to be the game of the week. Parks managed his first win, and it came against Ken’s undefeated squad. Parks had talked trash against a number of league members this week, but he backed it up- overcoming a negative point performance from BOTH his QBs, Joe Flacco (-1) and Chad Henne (-2). Arian Foster’s return (57 points), the resurgence of Hakeem Nicks (62 points), and almost a hundred points in combined defense was just enough to take down Ken, who for yet another week started the injured Danny Amendola.

(CarverM) The SexCannon Cometh defeated (Matt Lilly) Frerotte is Frreal; 241-230

CarverM enjoyed a 61 point performance by the Redskins defense along with good performances by Calvin Johnson and Dwayne Bowe. Matt Lilly was unable to overcome the team effort despite a 42 point performance from Philip Rivers and 57 points from the Jets defense. This close loss leaves Matt Lilly as the final winless team in the league.

 (preppiejack) Zimatose PreppieJack defeated (TheDeepBall) TheDeepBall; 220-151

Darren Sproles (26 points) and Eric Decker (23 points) were Deep Ball’s only > 20 point players this week in what has to be considered a down week. Preppiejack rode 45 points from Eli Manning and 47 points from Houston defense to victory.

 (Cdavis627) Downfield Abstinence defeated (HogHunter) HogHunter; 284-209

Cdavis finally got his first win (still ranks 4th in overall points), and it came at the cost of a HogHunter team who has fallen to 5th in the standings. HogHunter had a little Cam Newton magic (67 points), but four of his other positions were either single digit or negative point performances. Cdavis put up big points again with 72 from Michael Vick and 95 (WOW) points from Baltimore defense. Cdavis is coming up fast for playoff contention.

 (Diesel 44) Diesel44 defeated (ScottE) Osprey; 273-259

Diesel continued on trucking (pun intended) and now is the only undefeated team remaining. Wes Welker had 61 points, and Diesel also had four other individuals at around or above 30 points. Osprey put up a good fight with 91 (WOW) points from Aaron Rodgers and 58 points from Steve Smith, however it was not enough.


Key Transactions prior to this week ($100 season-long team budget):

Downfield Abstinence got Mike Thomas off of mid-week waivers for $5

Preppiejack got Torrey Smith off of waivers for $35 (okay, I get it, it was a bit much, but I was desperate)

Downfield Abstinence got Robert Meachem off of waivers for $5

Parks Smith got Brandon Pettigrew off of waivers for $2


Current Standings (HH username, team name, record, points):

Division 1

#2 (Ken Meringolo) StupidSexyFlanders, 3-1-0, 1070.90 points

#4 (CarverM) The SexCannon Cometh, 3-1-0, 874.05 points

#6 (preppiejack) Zimatose PreppieJack, 2-2-0, 853.09 points

#8 (Travisjh86) Rusty Rectums, 2-2-0, 777.56 points

#9 (Cdavis627) Downfield Abstinence, 1-3-0, 1010.58 points

#10 (ScottE) Osprey, 1-3-0, 885.06 points

Division 2

#1 (Diesel 44) Diesel44, 4-0-0, 1144.98 points

#3 (Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg, 3-1-0, 1046.79 points

#5 (HogHunter) HogHunter, 2-2-0, 925.76 points

#7 (TheDeepBall) TheDeepBall, 2-2-0, 789.90 points

#11 (Parks Smith) RVA’s SilverBacks, 1-3-0, 839.48 points

#12 (Matt Lilly) Frerotte is Frreal, 0-4-0, 855.36 points


Week 5’s Key Matchup: A Double–Header

#2 (Ken Meringolo) StupidSexyFlanders vs. #3 (Shvd98v24) cANtstOpLOsINg


#1 (Diesel 44) Diesel44 vs. #4 (CarverM) The SexCannon Cometh

All of the top teams (teams with no more than 1 loss) are battling each other this week in what should shake up the playoff race into a much clearer picture. My predictions are: Diesel44 and Shvd (since Ken continues to start an injured Danny Amendola for "team unity," and that may prove to be the difference in this close week). Since I am feeling silly, I will attach a poll this week.

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