Evaluating The Redskins Ranks Around the League

Run Offense is ranked 6th in NFL
Pass Offense is ranked 21st in NFL
Total Offense is ranked 15th in NFL 

Scoring Offense is ranked 21st in NFL
Scoring Defense is ranked 3rd in NFL

Run Defense is ranked 6th in NFL
Pass Defense is ranked 8th in NFL
Total Defense is ranked 5th in NFL

As you can see by the numbers, The Skins are downright NASTY on defense. It is almost impossible to argue that the Redskins don't have an elite defense. The numbers also show that the running game is back in full force and is effective. The numbers also show that the Skins need to score more points. Yeah. But don't stress my dears, i am going to break down how the Skins can improve on what they don't do well and how they can excel at what they do well even better. 

Lets start with the Run Offense: The Skins need to accept the fact that they are a RUNNING team and the PLAYCALLING needs to reflect that CONSISTENTLY. We ain't New Orleans. We ain't Green Bay and we sure as hell ain't New England. Simply put, Kyle Shannhan needs to call more runs than passes because our best offensive weapons are in the back field. Lets take a look at the run plays called game by game so far this season. 

Week 1 vs. NY. Giants: 26 runs called, 74 yards gained

Week 2 vs. Arizona: 35 runs called, 172 yards gained

Week 3 vs Dallas: 22 runs called, 65 yards gained

Week 4 vs. St. Louis: 40 runs called, 196 yards gained

Kyle was very aggressive in calling run plays in the Arizona and St. Louis games and the Skins gained almost 200 yards rushing in each game. In the Giants and Cowboys game, he steered towards the passing game more. But lets be honest here. Do we want to put the game in Rex Grossman's hands? No! That's what i meant when i said we are not Green Bay, etc. We don't have the QB to go out and win shootouts with teams. We have to BEAT people up, take the air out of the ball, control the clock and keep the score down. You do this by staying with the run game. Even if you don't get big yards at first. Keep pounding them. Test the conditioning of the defense and just batter them. 


Lets Look at the Pass Offense: Rex Grossman has thrown 6 touchdowns and 5 picks on the year. He has lost 2 Fumbles. His longest pass play is 40 yards. Clearly the passing game is not the Skins strong suit. But lets see what can be done here. Here are the number of play calls for the passing game this year.


Week 1 vs. NY. Giants: 34 pass plays called, 258 net yards gained

Week 2 vs Arizona: 43 pass plays called, 283 net yards gained

Week 3 vs. Dallas: 37 pass plays called, 233 net yards gained

Week 4 vs St. Louis: 29 pass plays called, 143 net yards gained

Lets think about this. The game against St. Louis was the least amount of attempts that Grossman had. We were DOMINATING in that game. They put the ball in the hands of the backs and asked Grossman to manage the game which he can do. But what happened when the Skins tried to get cute and have Grossman "make some plays"? We had some turnovers and the Rams got points they should not have. Yes, Grossman carried the offense in Week 1 but that was against a banged up Defense with an poor secondary. The Skins need to call anywhere from 25 to 29 pass plays for Grossman. They need to evaluate the type of passes Grossman excels at and call those plays only. They also need to evaluate what the passes his is struggling with and stay away from them. Plus, if the Skins establish the run, early and often, they can set the bootleg passes up so much easier for Rexy. 


Defensively the Skins are fine. Haslett has been superb. I would like to see more havoc caused in regards to turnovers. I hope the Skins(am i sure they do this already) practice more ball stripping drills. Knock the ball out! Ballhawking. I think the Skins have forced 6 TO's this year. 3 fumbles. 


In regards to scoring more points, i think they need to study game tape of teams that are successful in the redzone. Look at what those teams do and see if they can implement those plays in their gameplan. Skins can move the ball, the redzone is the only issue holding them back. 

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