Latest Quotes from Redskins Park Are Same Ole

It's pretty safe to say that our patience for this franchise gets tested to a new level each year. We all know what the problems are with this team so no need to re-hash those. Here's some of what the players were saying today at Redskins Park. I'll let everyone make their own judgements. Oh, Fred Davis is currently in walking boot and Rocky McIntosh is getting his ankled treated by staff members.

London Fletcher: "Do I feel like we have a great group of guys, a lot of talented football players on this team? Yes. I think our coaches spend a ton of hours to put us in the best position possible." [via Fredericksburg Free Lance Star]

Barry Cofield: "I don't see any ... divisiveness in the locker room. ... Once that happens, the season will definitely be over. It's a long season, but the good teams get better as the year goes on. That's (not) happening & we gotta rectify it real quick." [via David Elfin]

"The [49ers] are going to love what they see on film and they're going to be looking to pound us."

Lorenzo Alexander: "We're just not showing up on gameday." [via WaTimes]

Week eight. Ugh. If the Redskins locker room got the "Liar Liar" treatment for a day, where players speak candidly and honestly, I'm pretty sure it'd go like: 

Fletcher: "We're creating turnovers every game and holding our opponents to fewer points. The O flat out can't carry their jock. I went to a Division III college and our backup QB there could put up more points than any one of our Qbs here."

DHall: "F&& that F*&cking mutha f*chker. I do what I do. The stars holding it down on D. Put my ass on that Oline...I'll get us some damn holes. I can at least catch some balls. Change that sh!t up. I aint da coach tho."

I just came across this picture. It's actually a t-shirt, but I'm not quite ready to sport one just yet. As bad as things are right now, they still pale in comparison to the Zorn era. That was more dysfunctional on the Lindsay Lohan level where this is more like on the Britney Spears head shaving era (ie - young, ugly but still hope for long-term normality). 



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