Redskins Trick or Treat

Let's make sure we never have a Halloween road game again, the Titans cheerleaders stepped up for the First Ladies this week.

In the spirit of Halloween, Kevin and I have put together a Redskins version of Trick or Treat thus far in the season. Feel free to add your own.

John Beck: Trick

Beck is kind of like getting Smarties in your treat bag. He was atrocious in the Hoser Bowl yesterday. We would have a Pro Bowl QB if Beck could hit receivers like he hits his hand on lineman's helmet. I heard Beck tried to get Brian Moorman to trade jerseys with him after the game, for obvious reasons. How many times do you see a QB fumble the ball with no back to back games? 3-13 teams, that's when.

Tyler Thigpen: Treat

In probably the most positive moment for Skins fans yesterday Thigpen begun warming up and was nailed with a ball in the side of the head.

Laron Landry: Trick.

He's in a contract year and simply isn't contributing like a top 10 draft pick should. He celebrates after opponents get big yardage plays and it's more about the big hit versus the smart play. Just like Carlos Rogers, I'm sure another team will get more out of him while we trot out some veteran retread.

Fred Davis: Treat

Davis is the lone bright spot on the Redskins offensive unit.

London Fletcher: Treat

Could he be anything else? Having London on your team is like scoring a king size Snickers bar in your bag!

Ryan Kerrigan: Treat

Rookie continues to play well, I liken him to a pretty solid Reese's haul on Halloween.

Brandon Banks: Trick

Banks has been very disappointing, kind of like getting an apple from the boring old lady down the street.

Redskins Scouting Dept:
Trick. When are any of these kids going to step up?

Redskins Pro Personnel Dept:
Trick and Treat. Bowen, Cofield, Carriker, Sav Rocca all good. Atogwe, Josh Wilson leave more to be desired.

Harry and Clint: Trick

These guys have led us all astray. I really shouldn't of made those Vegas bets based on their insight. The only worst prognosticator would be if iH8dallas and washingtonwin had a baby together.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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