Offseason Positions of Need

I don't even feel like getting into the game yesterday. I just wanted to get a discussion going identifying the offseason positions of need and which improvements we can realistically make via draft and free agency.

Starting Offense:

QB- This is obvious. Beck/Rex at this point look like sub-par backups, let alone starters. This needs to be addressed in RD 1 of the draft. I think I would be happy with Barkley, RG3, or Tannehil. If we had the opportunity to stay put in our draft slot and draft Barkley or RG3 we should do it. If both are off the board by the time we pick we could trade back and eventually take Tannehill in RD 1. Either way, we have to take a QB in the 1st RD.

RT- Jamal Brown sucks. Yesterday there was a play where he just dove at the DLineman's legs, completely whiffing, instead of even trying to block. I think a RT needs to be taken with our 2nd rd pick.

Interior OLine- This area of our line was a pleasant surprise until Kory went down. However, it is still an area where we could upgrade. Kory and Montgomery are both solid starters and Chester is about average. I would try look to sign a big time free agent G or C (some free agent names: Carl Nicks, Ben Grubbs, Chris Meyers, Scott Wells). I would let Chester, Kory, and Montgomery battle it out for the final two spots. I would also like to use one of our 4th rounders on a G/C for depth.

WR- We have a bunch of solid, okay WR's but no true gamebreakers. Gaffney is an okay #2/#3 WR, Santana is a good slot WR, Hankerson is developing but I still think his ceiling is a solid #2 WR, Paul is developing but I don't know how much to expect of him, Stallworth is gone after this year, Armstrong I guess could be a solid #4 WR but he needs to make some plays to prove it, Banks is gone after this year. I believe we need to go hard after a WR in free agency and there are quite a few good options. We cannot just keep drafting late round guys and expect our WR corps to be good. I think a true #1 could open up the offense for everyone. Free agent names include: Reggie Wayne, Wes Welker, Vincent Jackson, Desean Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Marques Colston, Steve Johnson, Brandon Lloyd, Mario Manningham. Sign one of those guys so our WR corps looks like #1/ Gaffney/ Moss/ Hankerson/ Paul/ Armstrong and that would be pretty solid.


Starting Defense:

CB: Coming into the season I thought Hall/Wilson would be a formidable duo. They are not horrible but they are not that good either. I think they are both #2 CB's. This position is much like our WR position where we have some solid guys but no true #1. With our first 2 picks in the draft going to the Offense, we would have to look at free agency for this position and there are not a whole lot of options. The biggest name out there might be Brent Grimes. We might be screwed.

MLB: Fletcher will be 37 and I pray to god he doesn't retire and wants to come back although I dont see why he would. Even if he does come back, we still need another stud in the middle. Rocky was looking good early on but he has regressed these last couple weeks. He is a free agent after this season and I just don't see us resigning him. Perry Riley hasn't seen much time which is not a good sign. I think we need to draft a MLB with either our 3rd or 4th RD pick as well as look to sign a free agent. The free agent is not very impressive and the bigger names are: Curtis Lofton, Dan Connor, Stephen Tulloch, and EJ Henderson. The only real upgrade in that group would be Curtis Lofton. Drafting a MLB needs to be a priority


Realistically I think we could possibly take care of my entire list on offense. QB and RT in the draft, WR and G/C in free agency. I am a little concerned about how we go about upgrading the D however. Getting Jenkins back will be huge because he was going to be a day 1 starter and Carriker would be a very legit 4th DLineman. We could still use upgrades depth wise on the line, however.  


Let me know what you guys think.       

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