Has Shanny lost the locker room?

After watching that effort offensively yesterday, I think the answer may be yes. Let me explain where and when I think this may have happened.

Rewind three weeks. Skins are 3-1 and everybody is beer bonging the kool aid while still knowing in the back of their minds that it was too good to be true. Enter the Philthadelphia Iggles with their backs against the wall. What follows is a 20-13 drubbing in which our QB shows up thinking he is playing a HS JV team and proceeds to throw 4 pickles, we have multiple serious injuries to key players, and John Beck removes the splinters from his behind to provide some semblance of a "spark".

Unfortunately, this is not the turning point for our team...the turning point comes hours after the game and into the following few days while Rex Grossman is waiting to be benched for John Beck, the second coming of Elway. Santana Moss, a proven vet who has given his career to the Washington Redskins voices his strong support of Rex....he is followed (as a team leader should be) by more support and defense of Rex by not only the offense, but the defense!

"Locker room and team be damned!" Said Shanahan (paraphrasing), "I am playing John Beck!" (again, paraphrasing).

I said it then and I will repeat it now....the fact that our decision is between Rex (Giant Deusch) and Beck (Terd Sandwhich) reminds me of the "power" struggle payed out once every 4 years in our nations capital. This fact makes me sick, but it is what it is. The team voiced strong support of Rex because they knew Beck was not the answer. But, since its Shanny's way or the we are.

My opinion when this happened three weeks ago was that you need to show strength and support to your locker room and let Rex go out and try to redeem himself in Carolina against a 1-5 team. Hell, if he threw 2 early picks or whatever, yank him then...what harm would it have done in hindsight? None.

In conclusion, I fear that Shanny has lost the locker room and the evidence is the lack of trust, confidence, and support offensively for the man currently under center. I mean, seriously...look me in the eyes and tell me that John Beck gives our offense the best chance to succeed. It is pretty damned difficult to succeed offensively when you have to curtail your play calling for the ineptitude of your back up QB.

And before you accuse me of it, no, I am not calling for Shanny's head. I believe in the way he and Allen are building this team, QB or not last year. I want to see it through, and those who are not willing to see it through are just asking for more sorrow and embarassment.

What do you think? Has Shanny lost the locker room?

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