Sorry guys but the train stops here. Everyone off, its time to get on the WR train especially since this is a great draft for WRs. I know a lot of you are still in the Andrew Luck train car and many of you have realized that he's too expensive so you've moved back to the Jones / Barkley cars, lots have even moved to the RGIII car. Well the whole locomotive needs to stop and force everyone off. This is the transfer station, so get off or go through the roller coaster that will be the next 5 years.

Andrew Luck will be the number 1 pick, weather it be by trade or necessity, we have a 90% chance of not taking/getting him. It is likely that the Dolphins end up with Luck, and the Seahawks will likely take Jones or Barkley. That leaves us with the 3rd choice of QB...when have you ever really wanted your third choice of anything?

Example: I'll take a Coke, no Coke...a Pepsi is fine....oh no pepsi either, how about a Sams Cola.....that fine I guess.

Lets say the Redskins continue down this injury plagued and disappointing season well we'll be in place for a great player.

What do young Quarterbacks need the most? They need an offensive line, and weapons a go to guy when they get in trouble. Offensive line is getting better, however we have no weapons. QB FAIL.

Now with all that said, Andrew Luck is a playmaker himself, a Peyton Manningesqe QB, one that can make an average receiver a good and a good a great. I would take Andrew Luck if we could get them, but its unrealistic.

Alshon Jeffery and Justin Blackmon are both freakishly good WRs, we could really use either of them, both of them would really help John Beck out for 1 year. 

Sadly the Redskins get in their own way year after year, we always prevent a total collapse and end up getting mid round picks. Which inevitably prevents us from getting drastically better any year. Its an ongoing process.

My question to you is who would you draft given the chance.

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