Redskins vs Bills By The Numbers

Redskins Ranks

Passing Offense-237.2, 16th out of 32

Running Offense-106.8, 20th out of 32

Total Offense-344, 15th out of 32

Points Per Game-19.3, 23rd out of 32

Passing Defense-218.3, 11th out of 32

Running Defense-117.5, 17th out of 32

Total Defense-335.8, 12th out of 32

Points Per Game Allowed-19.3, 6th out of 32

Bills Ranks

Passing Offense-237.5, 15th out of 32

Running Offense-141, 4th out of 32

Total Offense-378.5, 10th out of 32

Points Per Game- 31.3, 3rd out of 32

Passing Defense-284.8, 30th out of 32

Running Defense-135.7, 30th out of 32

Total Defense-420.5, 31st out of 32

Points Per Game-24.5, 23rd out of 32


More Notable Stats- Redskins

The Redskins Defense has not allowed a 300 yard passer this season. They have not allowed any team to generate 300 yards in pass offense this season.

The Skins have the 2nd best third down defense in the NFL, only allowing teams to convert 30.8 percent. They have allowed the fewest third down conversions at 24.

Graham Gano has connected on 92.9 percent of his kicks. He has only missed one field goal, which was a blocked attempt. 

The Redskins running backs have not lost a fumble this season. 

The Redskins are averaging 117.2 yards rushing on the road, compared to only 96 yards at home.

The Redskins have at least 1 interception in 4 of their 6 games.


More Notable Stats-Bills

The Bills have scored at least 20 or more points in each game this season. They are averaging 34.3 points in their three home contests and have scored at least 30 points or more in each of their 4 wins. 

The Bills lead the AFC in interceptions with 12 and lead the AFC with a +9 turnover differential. 

Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is completing 67% of his passes, thrown for 10 touchdowns and posted a QB rating of 101.5 in the Bills four victories. 

Bills RB Fred Jackson is averaging 5.7 yards per carry this season 

The Bills are tied with the Skins for the 4th fewest offensive penalties in the NFL at 32.

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