Lichtensteiger's knee and Goodell's fines

I was just rewatching the game vs. the eagles, if for no other reason than self flagellation.

During the live game I was cursing Williams for being a bonehead and getting the conduct penalty after Rex's first interception.

Tonight my mind changed, and my ire was kindled for different reasons. If Williams saw who dropped the Steiger, he would have been justified in doing something much more violent. Probably should have, even if it got him ejected.

I'm a nitwit at posting pictures of games unlike many of you out there, so apologies for my tell not show explanation. At 12 minutes left in the first quarter, right after the motion penalty on the eagles, they replay the interception on which the Steiger got hurt. Lo ! right during the interception 78 is jogging towards the ball, with only two Eagle defenders in range of him. He is clearly out of the play, as the ball has now traveled roughly 37 yards past the line of scrimmage. Coleman intercepts the ball and drops to the ground without taking a step. Somehow the Steiger gets dropped and tears two knee ligaments, despite being some 30 or so yards away from the interception point.

Two things stood out to me as ire invoking.

Clearly the first is the terrible play of whichever of the two eagles cut out Corey's knees. That was an unconscionable act and dirty. It's the NFL and all of that, but what a crappy thing to do to another professional.

The second arises from how this situation highlights the real-world failure of the current fining system. This system is ostensibly designed to protect players. So far as I can see, it primarily serves to stoke Goodell's ego. If fines are going to be levied willy nilly, then ignoring this is essentially a statement that only those infractions that are shown and pointed out by the announcers are actually infractions. If a fan watching the game on his DVR can see the situation and the result, then so should those reviewing plays for fine-able infractions. The system's failure to catch this one is more than a glitch, and clearly calls for more oversight than Goodell is capable of, especially if his policy is to mature at its current rate.

My best wishes to the Steiger, and my hopes that either the offending eagle learns his ways or that opposing players stay aware of him. 

As a fan I'd like to hear more about how you all feel the system is being run. We are the reason they risk their necks and get paid for it, and we should have some voice in how the show goes down.

My opinion is clear. The current regime's lack of coherence and transparency when it comes to player protection is transforming the game into something new and of a different character. At the rate things are going quarterbacks are going to be issued flags rather than helmets... Meanwhile Steiger is going to be relearning how to walk.

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