Grossman to Beck, from someone who backed Grossman

My first official "FanPost", though I have been reading Hogs Haven for a long time.  Let me give you a sober perspective on this transition from Rex Grossman to John Beck as the QB of the Washington Redskins.

I will be completely long as the Redskins win, I don't particularly care who is the QB.  I did back Rex Grossman, warts and all, during the preseason because A) he looked better overall in games and B) he had more experience in the offense.  To me, it made sense.  Go with the guy who looked better and has the experience over the guy who has the higher ceiling, but potentially has a lower floor, as well.

Against the Giants, it looked like we had made the right decision.  Rex was pretty much on-point in that game.  Even against the Cardinals, Rex overcame one bad decision and a misplay by one of his receivers to lead the team to victory.

The Dallas game was a total cluster-you-know-what because of miscues by Rex, Sav Rocca, and Jim Haslett.  However, since Rex did not single-handedly lose the game for us (and moved the ball effectively outside of the Red Zone), I figured that this was part of the trials and tribulations of having a good, but not great, NFL quarterback.  Against the Rams, again, you saw one of the receivers (Moss) bounce a very good throw up in the air for one of the two interceptions credited to Rex.  Thus, out of the 5 interceptions credited to Grossman over the first 4 games...2 of them you could honestly say were not through any fault of his own.  Throw in the fact that he had 6 TD passes in those games, and I was content with Rex's performance...if a little uninspired.

However, after the third interception in the Eagles game, I was calling for John Beck.  Something had to happen.  Rex had reverted back to "bad Rex" and was forcing throws all over the place.  Do I blame him?  No, I can't blame him for trying to get something going when the running game wasn't working and his linemen were dropping like flies...but he was clearly forcing things TOO much, and that kind of panic-mode can carry over from one game to the next.

Now, a lot of you probably never actually watched John Beck's only NFL regular season experience before last week.  I managed to catch a couple of the games from his year with the Dolphins, and I was far from impressed.  Yes, he had an awful Dolphins team around him.  Yes, he was a rookie.  However, nothing I saw then made me say "hmm, the kid has potential".  I honestly had never seen a quarterback have so many passes batted down at the line as Beck did back then.  As far as his potential now...I can't say I saw a whole lot this preseason that convinced me that he was "the guy" for at least this season, though his mobility did stick out to me.

I do like Beck's mobility, though his missing of open reads against Philly was a bit concerning.  He did seem to be playing almost totally out-of-control out there.  Some of that may have been nerves, maybe it was the situation (being asked to lead a 2-touchdown comeback in less than one quarter).  He did, however, make a couple of good deep throws (even if they were quacking the whole way), and he got Dante Stallworth and Terrance Austin involved, which is nice to see as those are guys who hadn't contributed much this year until last week.  His mobility does provide a different dimension, though he's no Michael Vick or Cam Newton.  All things considered, there was a lot to like and dislike from John Beck.

I do believe that if Beck had been the starter at the beginning of the season, we'd be 3-2 or 2-3 at this point, anyway.  So the Redskins are where they probably were going to be, no matter who the starting QB was.

Here's the fear I have, and it is legitimate with Beck...he has the capacity to be worse than Grossman.  His decision-making is not exactly confidence-inducing, and his throws are wobbly as all hell.  Granted, Billy Kilmer was chastized in his playing days for being a "knuckleballer" at QB, and he fairly mobile (especially before his car accident).  However, I can't say I believe John Beck is another Billy Kilmer.  Would it be nice...oh yes, yes it would.  If Beck goes out, plays well, and wins games...I will be the first to say "you know what, I underestimated the guy, and he is the QB for us right now".  However, I can't say I've seen anything to make me feel that those words will come out of my mouth...yet.

Until then, I pray (and pray hard) that this team be competitive and victorious.  I've spent 20 years in the doldrums, with only a few glimmers of hope (1999, 2005, 2007, and the last 11 games of Marty Schottenheimer's one season).  I'm tired of the bullcrap...I just want real hope.

So while I cautiously supported Rex Grossman, I now cautiously support John Beck...because I am a Redskins fan, and I want this team to succeed.  Beck, this team is yours, just as you us that you were right all along, and prove me wrong.


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