Breaking Down The Redskins Next 5 opponents


3-2 record

17th ranked offense

6th ranked defense

19.2 points per game offensively(tied for 23rd)

16.6 points per game defensively(ranks 3rd)


@ Carolina

1-5 record

5th ranked offense

16th ranked defense

22 points per game offensively(ranks 18th)

27.2 points per game defensively(tied for 28th)


@ Buffalo

4-2 record

9th ranked offense

31st ranked defense 

31.3 points per game offensively(ranks 2nd)

24.5 points per game defensively(tied 22nd)


vs. San Francisco 

5-1 record

28th ranked offense

13th ranked defense

27.8 points per game offensively(ranks 7th)

16.2 points per game defensively(ranks 2nd)


@ Miami 

0-5 record

16th ranked offense

26th ranked defense

15 points per game offensively(ranks 30th)

25.6 points per game defensively(ranks 27th)


vs. Dallas

2-3 record

7th ranked offense 

5th ranked defense

23 points per game offensively(ranks 15th)

19 points per game defensively(ranks 19th)


Carolina- The Panthers are dangerous in terms of their ability to move the ball. But they really don't score more than we do. Who cares about yards? Points is all that matters and they average a field goal more than the Skins. The Skins can hang with them and win, no doubt. Plus their defense is average. Good pass defense, awful run defense.


Buffalo- Buffalo has an elite offense. Very balanced in terms of run and pass. The only team that balanced to me is New England, a team they beat. They score a ton of points. Their season low is 20! However, their defense is simply horrendous. Teams can move the ball against them and score easily. The Skins can win, but its up to the defense to keep the score down. If they can't it could be a long day.


San Francisco- I like what this team does. Forget yards, these guys GET POINTS. It does not matter how you score, just score. They are excellent at running the ball and have a physical defensive. They are like us on D because they don't allow points. This is a tough game to figure out but at home the Skins can pull it off. Maybe.


Miami- Miami is just a poor team. They pose no threat on either side of the ball. They score less than us. lol Their defense is bad and they have struggled at home the past 2 years. The Skins should win that game and if they don't it will be a issue. 


Dallas- Dallas is so attractive on paper. Their have a great offense and excellent defense. They can't run the ball well, but their passing attack covers for it. They have an excellent pass rush and they are  just elite all around defensively. Its will be a tight, close game but at home they Skins can win. They barely beat the Skins last time, so i expect some revenge. Forget the stats, its Skins-Boys. We can win. 


I honestly see the Redskins coming out of this stretch at 7-3. I am a crazy woman? I think they could lose to Buffalo but honestly, with the Skins defense, pass rush and running back trio, can they not win all these games? Maybe Dallas could get us again but the barely got us last time and that was with Rexy. They also scored 0 TOUCHDOWNS. The Skins will be at least 7-3 or 6-4. 

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