YOUR John Beck outlook entering Week 7 & Beyond

We've talked all week about Beck's replacing Grossman and many are looking at it as a "thank god Rex is out of there" kind of perspective, myself included for the most part.

But come Sunday, Grossman's going to be the furthest from our minds (unless Beck throws 5 pickles) as Shanny starts his 3rd QB in 1 1/2 seasons here in Washington. But the closer we get, I have to admit that I am genuinely excited to watch Beck line up under center. Not just because of the turnover's Rex has committed, but because from a fan's perspective, I believe this guy gives us a better chance of converting on 3rd downs, extending plays, and just protecting the damn football.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Beck is the next Kurt Warner or Tony Romo; guys who come out of no where to take the reigns of a franchise. BUT, I do believe I have higher expectations for what Beck will do for us for the remainder of the season than many on here do.

We've been scorned when our hopes have been high so many times, and I think looking at Beck as nothing more than the next stop-gap guy makes perfect sense. But all of us that are still around even through all this crap we've had to put up with are so because in the back of our heads, we still have that voice that says "what if this is it?"

I know I still have it.

Am I alone in thinking Beck can turn out to be the unquestioned starter for the remainder of this season, or do you think this is the next guy to bomb here in Washington and he's nothing more than our "grin-it-and-bare-it" guy til next April?

Maybe I'm trying to take the optimistic route, but when I do think of Beck, I think the guy's a "football player" and a winner. I hope I'm not eating those words.




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