Overall look into this year and our upcoming draft

Our team is great but I do have to say it does show when we suck. I am not dissing on the redskins because I love it when someone with a "good" team says, ??"OOOOOOO the redskins suck!!!" Because usually that is a steeler fan in which I reply with something from which we beat them in the first preseason game. Now I am here to discuss the upcoming draft. OH no not that one!!! Now our major, number top concern is the QB.

Now before y'all blast me with other "needs" such as O-Line (I believe we could use one starter and more depth) or CB (D Hall has held up well (DO NOT SAY COWGIRL GAME) for the most part and wilson does a solid job) I do say we could use also more depth there but I guess that's why we have Brandyn Thompson. Our Safeties are brilliant when not injured (I especially love the Gomes pick). Our D-Line is solid people!!! we need NO MORE PEOPLE. Now if you point out the WR position I see your point of view such as how long is Moss going to last in this league, armstrong is hitting that dreaded 30 age, gaffney is solid, but old, and then it stops (if hankerson pans out then that is one).

But our first round should consist of a first rounder. Now let us say we barely miss the playoffs. That gives us a 19th pick. Our second rounder, 3rd rounder, 4th rounder, 4th rounder (raiders), 5th rounder, 6th rounder, 7th rounder. Not Bad. But I believe Griffen III WILL raise his draft status to first round. Though mid-first round. So we may need to trade up for him. If he falls to us, pick him I would love him. Deadly accurate. Another interesting prospect is Foles out of Arizona. He has the tools to be good (accurate again). I believe he is projected second round? But he may fall to the 3rd or even fourth in which we would be lucky to pick (who knows what happens between BCS day and draft day, I mean they predicted the fluke Cam Newton to us!) Tannenhill I believe will be a bust because he is quite raw. Another prospect I am intrigued by is 6th year Case Keenum but the guy is a Matt Stafford, injury prone!

So I believe that we should get Griffen III.

So here is a 3 round mock draft:


1st round: Griffen III

Explanation: This guy I believe is going to be a great guy with many tools. Hankerson is being benched for the year by my belief in the hope that he can learn to hold the ball. When Hankerson wakes up (pick him up on the waivers on fantasy draft next year!!!) he will beast. I mean come on, a 6'2 receiver with speed? Match that with Moss, Armstrong, and Gaffney and Griffen III should be good. Not to mention hand off the ball to keep the defenses honest. His work ethic is unquestioned by teammates in the film room and leadership qualities. Also did I mention he runs track? Yea...

Alternate: Cordy Glenn (OG) (Georgia):

Our depth for 1st year and starter second,

A really extreme alternate is trade down to super bowl people and pick chase minniefield. I'll hurt someone if he joins his teammate from college, Ras-Dowling. Chase is also shutting down receivers in the ACC and first-team ACC + 3rd team NCAA.

2nd round: trade down a bit and pick up a 5th or a 4th. But stay in second round. I'm thinking like afc/ nfc conference loser pick. Dwight Jones

Explanation: Good character attended Military School in high School 6'4 guy with a respectable 4.53 40 time. His only downfall mostly is route running but with coaching I believe that he can/ will be a starter for us in the future. By the way, he is from North Carolina, (UNC college) I do believe we have some pipeline down there?

Alternate: Mike Brewster: Viewed as some as best center in draft but Peter Konz overshadows him. He is a Center but possible starter for our C? (after a year or two) or switch to G (2-4 years allowed) Also only junior to be in rimington finalists in 2010 (best center)

3rd round: Nate Potter

Explanation: Now if we didn't get someone on our line then now is the time to do so. Nate Potter. Good Character, yes he is o-line but possible move to G or back-up Brown/Trent and be that reliable back-up that we have no problem with. Plus Brown is 30 this year. I don't know why I don't trust anyone after the age of 30 but it bugs me.

Thoughts? Comments? I am open to them.


Side Note: National Football posted predicted us with 17th pick and Robert Griffen III as that pick.

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