Grossman = gambling addiction

I have a catchphrase around where I live and I conjured it up when we first got Rex from Houston.  All it requires is that you stand in a stupid way such as others making public service announcements and say "Just say NO! to Rex Grossman!" 

I know, kinda lame...sorry.  But  with gamblers there is something known as partial reinforcement.  You might lose so many times but that win comes at that time when you are about to say  "screw it" and keeps you intrigued in whatever game you are playing.

Grossman is the same for me.  I wanted Beck to start this season as I was afraid f what would happen...and it did happen.  Against NY, Rex did very well which lured me in to MAYBE thinking this time was different and that his chance was justified, then the Arizona game he started to come out a little as he turned the ball over.  Then when I was about to throw my computer through the wall Rex leads a drive and throws a TD to Moss.....reinforcement again.  I won't continue through each week as you get the picture.

Now he has finally imploded on himself and yet there are some people out there who still just don't get it, Rex has no business in there at all.  I am a huge fan of this site and I have lurked here as well as other sites but I felt compelled to post as there are still Rex apologizers and people who think that it is irrelevant as to who our QB is.

I put the FULL responsibility of the loss yesterday on Rex and before some of you go up in arms (all two of you) I will tell you why. Because of Rex's quick three and outs coupled with his interceptions, the defense got extremely exhausted.  You try running after Vick and his minions after you have had to play successive downs with maybe a 2 minute rest and see how effective you are.  We still held the Eagles to 20 (with no points in the second half).  Even with a few big plays being given up, how can you not be enmaored with our defense?

Next because of Rex, the run game could not get going.  While losses to the left side of the  line are huge, I am more inclined to believe that because of Rex's turnovers the defense gets tired out and gives up a couple of scores resulting in a catch-up mode by our offense.  The threat of the pass is NOT there so the Eagles just need to focus on the run.  Notice how many defenders were in the box after Rex's first and second interceptions.

There is also another thing that I want to address and that is it is irrelevant as to who (whom?) our QB is such is the opinion of UKRedskin and a few others.  I respectfully disagree.  Just look at how Beck operated in the offense with a banged up line.  He had a couple of dirt balls but guess what...he also had some BEAUTIFUL throws that some receivers just dropped.  Also, on both of Beck's drives he got us into scoring position (including the delay of game fiasco).  I believe that Beck, at worst is not as bad as Rex.  Is he the second coming of Joe Montana?  I doubt it but give this guy a chance.

It is stated that if he was brilliant then he would have shown it by now.  Oh yeah?  Then how do you explain Tom Brady.....late round pick and a backup and now arguably the greatest in the game.


Sorry for the long post as I just had a conversation with a Rex supporter at school and I just had to vent.  Anyway, love this place and especially Uk's film breakdowns.  Thanks guys.

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