How Crazy Is It To Be Ok With Yesterday's Results?

Don't get me wrong, I've done a lot of work on my temper over the years and I was still hairsbreadth away from chucking a beer across the bar for the entire first half. Looking back, thinking about how clear it was where we needed to attack, it must have established a pretty clear defensive checklist, even for embattled DC Juan Castillo. But even so, I was ready to go off, and there wasn't a single Eagles fan in the house.

It wasn't just the interceptions, of course. My father and I spent a lot of time talking about the game, and refused to go into much detail on the Eagles offense in the first half. All he would say was, 'Downhill.' Needless to say, after my suggestion of a brewing media circus with respect to our defense, I was feeling a bit sick.

Then the second half happened.

The defense stoned the Eagles in the second half and saved my sanity. In the end, if you told me we held the Eagles to twenty points, I'd say we have to win that game. If you suggested we gave up four interceptions to boot, I'd say we were damn lucky.

We all expected John Beck in the second half, and I, at least, was surprised it took what it took, but hey, Mike Shanahan is famously stubborn. Beck came in amped up, throwing on a rope with better pocket awareness, and generally injecting life into the offense. It wasn't perfect, if you haven't checked out JimmyK's analysis yet, do so.

It's far too easy to give too much credit. But after watching our first-string pitcher, it felt like going from softball to baseball. And both may be average quarterbacks in an average system like Kevin said, but at least the league doesn't have a million yards of tape where even Juan Castillo can figure out a gameplan.

But like Ken said, you only get to use that spark from switching up your quarterback once. I live in Phoenix, so I am intimately familiar with that spark and watching it fade after a brief surge. I definitely sympathize with the stay the course philosophy when it comes to Rex. Right up until I remember our offensive line has been decimated. We're going to need John Beck's mobility in a big way.

Shanahan always said Rex Grossman and John Beck were 1 and 1a. Time to see what 1a can do.

via Dad

Like Ken went on to say, the side of our offensive line that has been driving the running game is flat gone. Sidenote: 42 yards on the ground and we only lose by 7? It's been said countless times that neither quarterback has the Pro Bowl in their future, and that we simply need them to be a bridge to our coming franchise guy under center. I'm ready to see if John is the guy to get us there.

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