The Down Under Game Review (Not Just Rex)


You think that game was tough for you, imagine not only waking at 4am for the game, not only being excited all week once I was aware the Skins were televised for the game, abut imagine then struggling to sleep because of the excitement so my 4am wake up came after 2 hours sleep meaning I'm at work on 2 hours sleep and for what, to watch that monstrosity of a performance.


I wish I wasn’t too lazy to look up stats, because I am pretty sure that taking into account the 4th quarter in St Louis Rex threw picks on something like 6 out of his last 10 or 12 drives, and with that being the case I am dumbfounded why Shanny did not pull him after the 3rd interception.


To be honest I didn’t mind the first one cos that turned out to be the equivalent of a good punt after being 3rd and long but his play from then on was just disgraceful.

What made me more despondent than the interceptions however was this simple fact.  When he completed a pass I was genuinely surprised, when we had a 3rd down I had zero belief and when he had his pass intercepted I was not the least bit surprised.  That’s not from anti-Rex sentiment, it’s just my honest instant reactions.  Very sad.


Now to the rest of the game.


The Zero Blitz is exciting, but it has already burned us once (v Dallas) and it will burn us again before this year is out.

Why is it that everyone in the stadium, and even me 12000 miles away knew Vick and Reid were going to try and open the game with the same play that worked last to open the game last year except Haslett who didn’t send Hall and Wilson back ready to pick off the pass, instead leaving Landry exposed again (luckily it fell incomplete, but that was a real interception opportunity missed)


Speaking of D Hall, that dude has a turning circle of an Oil Tanker, any time a QB has any time in the pocket, once a WR manages to get Hall to with his back turned he has absolutely no recovery skills whatsoever, every time he has to turn he is so looping in his movement he has no hope of stopping the pass.  Carlos at least knew how to sit on a Receivers shoulder for more than one move, Hall gets the odd pick but gee he gets beaten a lot.

As bad as Rex was, it did seem our receivers struggled to get separation all day.

Kyle abandoned the run to early, I know it’s hard to commit to the run when you keep getting stuffed at the line and you are behind on the scoreboard but with the way Rex was playing Kyle had to show more patience and try it for another series or two in my opinion, at least on 1st AND 2nd down, too often we got stuffed on 1st down and Kyle went pass pass, when he should have used the run to try and get us more 3rd and shorts instead of leaving Rex with many 3rd and longs which is when Rex throws his stupid picks.

Wilson has to be one of the best Tackling Corners in the NFL, he is not afraid of contact and always wraps his man up and brings him down, was really impressed with his game.

Landry is a beast when blitzing and a real threat around the line of scrimmage but I have some (limited) concerns about him when he is forced to patrol the middle of the field 20 yards behind the line.

Trent’s injury is going to hurt..... a lot.

Bit of Aussie provincialism here admittedly but how good is Sav Rocca playing, the cynics would say that with all of our 3 and outs he gets a lot of practice but the dude is just a beast right now and was a big reason we at least managed to stay competitive with him helping us dominate field position even after poor offensive series.

B-Rak was amazing but I fear his first contract talks, Snyder has shown he is more concerned with signing other teams Free Agents than looking after his own guys and B-Rak looks like he is the sort of guy who could quickly get frustrated with all the losing, I know it’s not smart with injury’s being such a danger for D-Line players but I would like us to sign Orakpo long term before he becomes a Free Agent, like a year before.

Davis was solid, but all these fools who think we should just dump the ultra-loyal Cooley can maybe shut up now, with Cooley out of the game our Offense lost a guy who can consistently get open, that’s what Cooley still offers and he draws a defence’s attention.

So much for the 3 elite RB's theory, terrible outing by all, but I think the line and the play-calling have their share of blame their also.

Really liked how Beck looked, but probably smart not to get too carried away, it was a short burst and the Eagles were playing a lot of Prevent D, but still other than his McNabbian propensity for worm-burners I thought he looked really solid and how nice was it to see an Athlete back there when he had to run after seeing Rex lumber around like an injured Rhino for the last few weeks.


So in conclusion a really dispiriting game,  That ridiculous Zero-Blitz on 4th and 20 call against Dallas that cost us the game looks even more indefensible now we are 3-2, remember without that we are still leading the division at 4-1 now.  We still have real depth issues on this team and if Shanny can get this group to 9-7 then he has done a great job as coach this year, but remember he is also the GM of personnel acquisitions so it remains his fault that this is the group he has.  I am really confused right now, but I shouldn’t be, St Louis are just awful, the Giants were banged up, the Card may be worse than St Louis (Kolb sucks and like I have said since Week 1 last year he is a scared player) so really we have beaten 3 bad teams and lost to a half decent team (Dallas) and a good team (Eagles)  We are 1-2 in the division so why do I still have a modicum of belief in this team?  The only reason I can think of is that I have hope in Beck, and surely that is madness.

Gee being a Skins fan is painful, and unlike you lot I wasn’t born there and had this team given to me with my first Nappy, I chose this bloody team, why oh why I will never know.

Form your friend down under, a melancholy goodbye




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