The Redskins Are Who We Thought They Were

Yep....exactly how I feel.


I'm going to do my best and be the Ken Meringolo voice of reason here. As I wrote earlier this week, the Redskins do not match up well against the Eagles. Just like last year, we had two weeks to prepare for Vick and it really didn't matter. Three months of preparation wouldn't make a difference. The Eagles are too fast, and Vick didn't have much of a problem creating space. I really hope we don't spend the next six days debating Grossman vs Beck. They're both average QBs on an average offense. The Redskins are 3-2, which is still better than we expected them to be. The Redskins defense gets a kudos for their second half adjustments, but let's not make a QB controversy here. For there to be a QB controversy, doesn't at least one of the two QBs have to be good? Shanahan said he would announce the starting QB on Wednesday. The fact Shanny said Beck practiced well this week tells me Beck is our new QB. I'm fine with that. We all know our QB situation is sub-par, so the infamous motto applies, "Expect the worse and be pleased with anything better."

As for the game day experience, I've been scalping Redskins tickets since our last home playoff game vs Detroit in 1999. Today was the hardest ticket I've ever seen. So much so Ken and I couldn't get in the game. The only two tickets scalpers had were uppers for $100 each. With the Redskins already losing we passed and and instead watched the game with Skins fans in the parking lot. Except for the great company, it was not a pleasant experience on many levels. We would hear a roar from the crowd five seconds before the play developed on TV. To my surprise (not really) the roar was for the Eagles doing something well. We seriously couldn't tell the difference between Skins fans and Eagles fans. When I decided to head home early in the 4th quarter, a parking attendant wearing an Eagles hat taunted me for Skins sucking. Yea...what a great experience for a die-hard Redskins fan already in a pissy mood.

Hey, Romo already has an INT. 


1st Downs 22 17
Passing 1st downs
9 12
Rushing 1st downs
11 2
1st downs from Penalties
2 3
3rd down efficiency
6-16 1-10
4th down efficiency
1-2 1-1
Total Plays 72 53
Total Yards 422 287
Passing 230 245
18-32 17-37
Yards per pass
7.2 6.6
Rushing 192 42
Rushing Attempts
38 14
Yards per rush
5.1 3.0
Red Zone (Made-Att) 2-5 1-3
Penalties 8-60 9-75
Turnovers 2 4
Fumbles lost
0 0
Interceptions thrown
2 4
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 38:08 21:52
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