Great News for Aussie Skins Fans (Plus a Belated Rams Recap)

G'day All


Unbelievable but once again the Skins game is live on TV In Australia, and for those without Pay TV once again it is Live on Channel One the Free to Air Digital Sports Channel.


That makes it 4 out of 5 games shown in Australia this year and with the 2 Sunday games shown, already one more Sunday game than we got last year. 


I love it because listening to the Radio Broadcast on-line can only tell you so much, I trust my own eyes much more than the ESPN980 guys.  And as much as I respect the views expressed on here and last year was forced to draw many of my conclusions on the team from the reviews of the HH community there is nothing better than being able to watch the game yourself and draw your own opinions. Plus with Foxtel IQ (our version of TIVO I think) then I can watch the games multiple times and watch plays multiple times focusing on all areas of the field.

With no more Monday or Sunday Night Redskins games that I am aware of, this might be a brief moment of joy for us all, so please take advantage of it Skins Down Under.



Some observations from the St Louis Game


Rex was great in the first Half, but needs to learn situational football in the 4thquarter with a lead.  Yeah the Santana pick was not his fault but there is no need to be going over the middle into danger in that spot.

His arm was much improved on the week before, where two many of his sideline throws floated and barely got there, this time he stepped into his throws with much more authority.

Trent was impressive. I think that Howie Longs kid might be overrated but my word Trent dominated his side of the line for much of the game.

We need a stretch the field threat in the passing game, hopefully Armstrong comes back in good form, but we really need a big quick receiver, as much as it is an anathema to me, I am thinking maybe WR in the 1st Round this year if none of the Landry Jones / Matt Barkley QB's are available (Though this Brees Contract thing in New Orleansis worth keeping an eye on, I know he is a major part of the community down there but it seems there is some real tension between management and Brees there, now that would be a Snyder Brinks Truck move I could get behind!!!!)

Wilson the new CB is awesome, big big fan.  Still wish we had kept Carlos though (and yes I said this before the season, not just since his interceptions in the last week or two)

Torainwas terrific, for my money Hightower trys to go outside the stretch too often, Torainhas the great 'one cut and go' running style that exploits the holes in the Stretch game much better than Hightower getting stuffed on the sideline for yet another 1 yard gain trying to go around the D.  Helu is great too.

London Fletcher, LEGEND.  More career tackles than Ray Lewis, has the SB ring, could he be a sneaky Canton candidate at some stage?

Landry still does not look healthy to me.  Hopefully the Bye week has done him good, but personally I would have left him out of the Rams game to give him 2 more weeks to get fit.

Again we need more receiving weapons and Cooley clearly is walking on one good leg at the moment, let the guy get healthy so hes fit for the tough part of the schedule in December.

Love our special teams.

Kerrigan and Orakpo could be the Freeny and Mathis of this decade.  They are going to terrify the QB's of the NFC East for a decade as long as Snyder does the right thing and spends the same money on keeping his own guys has he has spent a habit spending on other teams guys (mercenaries) over the years.

Our interior of the D-Line is much improved from last year, though that's not saying much, it could hardly get worse, but this year they are actually good, really like Bowen.


and finally what the hell were the Rams punt returners doing and why did the refs keep bailing them out??


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