QBing the NFC East: the Anti-Clutch

We all know that among the many tasks of an NFL quarterback, the job of winning the game in the final minutes is one of the most celebrated. Each player has dreamed of it since they were a kid. Just the opportunity to have the ball as the clock ticks down and the win within reach is something they thirst for. In addition to the coach begging you to have intercourse with his wife, getting the ball to the endzone is their job but this season our division hasn't fared so well. Following boxscore updates is one of the more boring ways to enjoy football but even that had me laughing out loud this past Sunday. After the jump are some notes on how Rex and his counterparts in the East have performed:

These are the instances the outcome was still in question at the end and how things turned out. Obviously, not every game is here since most games don't come down to the last drives.

Week 1:

  • Dallas' 4th quarter at NYJ was a mess for them. With the lead, Romo throws an interception on 1st down leading to a FG. After getting the ball back, he completes 1 for 3 with a recovered fumble, gets back up and completes a pass which is fumbled, ending the game. The fumble wasn't necessarily Romo's fault but with 8 seconds left at your own 34, it's going to take about 20 laterals to get a TD after a 7 yard pass.

Week 2:

  • Dallas kicked to start OT but stopped San Fran. 77 yard pass to set up the game winning FG. Point for Romo

Week 3:

  • This one should [unfortunately] still be fresh in our memories. In between huffs of spray paint, Haslett calls for the Cover 0 and Romo hits Bryant. Down by 6, Grossman gets that one shining moment to prove the haters wrong. We know what happened.

Week 4:

  • Romo's final series goes Incomplete/Sack/Incomplete/Pass 13 yards short of a first down. Cooley was happy.
  • Regardless of any officiated beforehand, Manning got the ball with 3:10 to go, down by 3, ball at midfield. A 19 yard rush then a 29 yard TD for the game winning points. The defense held and Eli could kneel on the ball.

Week 5:

  • Philly was rolling in the 4th quarter having scored 10 points already with a chance for a great comeback. Instead, Vick got intercepted at the Buffalo 25. So sad.
  • Almost in unison, Manning has 1st and Goal , down by 4. The Pick-6 makes it a two score deficit but to add the cherry, Manning throws another interception to end the game.

I tabulate 3 successful efforts by these QB's out of the 8 chances. At least only one is on Grossman/the 'Skins. We can maybe feel a little better about trying to stop a division opponent in the final minutes to seal a win. Maybe

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