Rex Grossman Starting QB in 2011

 Before i face the ridicule for saying that such an awful QB will lead the team, let's think about Shanahan's past. He drafted Griese in the 3rd round who was never anything special. He ended up starting and being somewhat sufficient when healthy. Shanahan let him go, and brought in Jake Plummer who was subpar at best with Arizona. He turned Plummer into a good Quarterback. Kyle Shanahan has  done something similar in Houston. He made Matt Schaub a pro bowl QB after being a backup for several years. Creating Pro Bowl players from subpar talent seems to be hereditary in the Shanahan family, offensively atleast.

It is obvious that every new Head Coach brings in the QB that he wants, along with the personnel that he wants of course. Over the past 15 or so years here is a list of teams that have turned around in one season.  I posted this early this year as a comment, but i feel like i should include this:

1. Miami 1-15 in 07 11-5 08        Tony Sparano first year was 08, drafted LT, not a QB (similar to us?)
2. Indianapolis 3 – 13 1998 13-3 1999  Jim Mora drafted Manning
3. Jets 4-12 2007 9-7 2008    Drafted Mark Sanchez in 09 the same year that Rex Ryan came
4. New Orleans 3-13 2005 10-6 2006  Sean Payton and Drew Brees cooperate excellent, fits Paytons scheme
5. Atlanta 4-12 2007 11-5 2008  Mike Smith drafts Matt Ryan
6. Cincinnati 4-11-1 2008 10-6 2009
7. Tennessee 4-12 2005 8-8 2006  Drafted Vince Young
8. Tampa Bay 4-12 2006 9-7 2007  
9. Cincinnati 2-14 2002 8-8 2003
10. Jets 6-10 2003 10-6 2004
11. Chargers 4-12 2003 12-4 2004
12. Jets 1-15 1996 9-7 1997    Parcells brought in Neil O'Donnell from Pittsburgh
13. Denver 6-10 1999 11-5 2000 Shanahan had Griese
14. 49ers 6-10 2000 12-4 2001 Steve Mariucci had Garcia
15. Redskins 6-10 2004 10-6 2005    Brunell
16. Redskins 5-11 2006 9-7 2007     Todd Collins
17. Jacksonville 5-11 2003 9-7 2004   Jack Del Rio drafted Byron Leftwich
18. Green Bay 6-10 2008 11-5 2009 
19. Patriots 5-11 2000 11-5 2001  Bellichick drafted Brady, wasn't expected to be a starter by any means but still drafted.
20. Giants 6-10 2004 11-5 2005   Coughlin drafted Eli Manning
21. Panthers 1-15 2001 7-9 2002 (didnt make playoffs but still a turnaround)
22. Atlanta 5-11 2003 11-5 2004   Jim Mora drafted Michael Vick (i think, can't remember, correct me if i'm wrong)
23. Chicago 5-11 2004 11-5 2005   Lovie Smith drafted Kyle Orton despite Grossman being 1st round pick the year before
24. Philly 6-10 2005 10-6 2006
25. Rams 4-12 1998 13-3 1999 Dick Vermeil brought in Kurt Warner

 I'm sorry if that information wasn't relavent, but the point i'm trying to make here is that every coach has either drafted or found a new Quarterback, most of them through the draft. With that being said, alot of the head coaches of those teams were in their 1st or 2nd year with the team, and the majority of the first year coaches have losing records but they turn it around the next year, once they find their quarterback. I was as pissed as everyone and i used to want shanahan to be fired. But i've come to realize that he's here to stay so no point in complaining anymore.  

Everyone thought that with a new QB (McNabb) and a new head coach, we'd have a better season than 6-10, but McNabb proved to be the wrong guy for the scheme and now I believe that Kyle Shanahan has faith in Rex Grossman leading the team into 2011. Shanahan was quoted saying that the offense took about 2-3 years to learn. Grossman has 2 years under his belt with that offense. Grossman was brought here for a reason, and it was because Shanahan saw something he liked in Houston and carried it with him to DC. McNabb got his shot and now i believe that Grossman will start next season and get his chance.

With that being said, everyone has been talking about which QB will we take in the draft. I don't think we will take a QB this year. Shanahan has not shown a history of drafting Quarterbacks in high rounds EXCEPT for Cutler. Who knows what goes on in Shanahan's mind, but in my opinion, we don't pick a QB with the 10th pick.

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