Good Day Skins Fans,before I get into the topic at hand I would like congratulate Cantstoplosing as the Champion of the Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League. We had a lot of good teams and some people never showed up after a few losses. I would like to say the person that you love to hate was Milmann Assassins. He was the person in the league that made a statement that from day 1 he would make put the bullseye on his team and that everybody in the league better take notice. Big Redraider was the team that was on a roll and came up short in the end. 

Cantstoplosing you are the toast of the town and I would like to say "Thank You" and to all the other managers appreciate the trash talking and fun that we had. There was no money involved, but as a man of my word I told the league that I would send a trophy to the winner as a token of my appreciation. Maybe next year we can get more people to participate.

Now that the season has ended. I was wondering what will be your thoughts for next years draft? We have had our ups anddowns this year with the team and fans some good and some bad. The media has been a source for a lot of this mess. I hope that past and future players will make admends with this Organization. The only thing that hurts is that we are a Pridefull Band of Rag Tag Fans and Players that will not QUIT. As disguntle that we are there is onething that is common and that is that we are tired of losing around here. From the NATS, CAPS, and WIZ we need a change in the wind and the sands of time.

We drink plenty of Koolaid and eat plenty of donuts. Some of us even partake in the fairy dust that we will be a Playoff team and Superbowl Winner. Hell I for one was sniffing the glue that some of you left behind that maybe just maybe we will make a run.  I know that from day one have been very vocal about our season, but as a Fan who would not want their team to win? If you was GM for a day and with this up and coming draft what players would you take and why?


League Champion cANtsToPLosiNg

2nd Milcmann Assassins

3rd New England Redskins

4th Redraiders

5th Wahoos

6th Skinsnyankees

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