NFLPA ASG: "Texas vs. The Nation" Draft Prosepcts

We’re not out of the woods when it comes to All-Star Games yet! This weekend the NFLPA Game: Texas vs. The Nation will kick off on Saturday at 2pm in San Antonio, the game will be aired nationally on CBS College Sports Network. So why should you watch? Well despite, Jerry Glanville coaching the national team (which means there is a pretty good chance Elvis will be there), there are a ton of prospects the Redskins should take a good hard look at.

Defensive Prospects

Jerrell Powe, 6’2, 320lbs (Ole Miss): Powe was regarded as many as the top NT prospect in this year’s draft, but it seems like Phil Taylor (Baylor) has overthrown that spot the past couple of weeks. So to say the least it will be really interesting to see how he stacks up against Taylor, with his performance this week.  Basically Powe, is just a big space eater that can take up double teams really well. Projected Round: Late 1st to 2nd, could sink all the way to the 3rd though.

Kenrick Ellis, 6’5, 345 lbs (Hampton): Ellis is guy that I have been high on all year, mainly because of his draft positioning.  He is a transfer from South Carolina (after getting dismissed from the team) and an extremely tantalizing NT prospect.  And is another prototypical NT that can take up space and take on double teams. The thing I got the most excited about after watching Ellis this year was his ability to bull rush the passer, and then again this was against DII competition. Projected Round: 3rd

Offensive Prospects:
TJ Yates (UNC): Always have been intrigued by Yates, not sure why.
Nathan Enderle (Idaho): Dark horse pick, will be his second ASG after participating in the Shrine Bowl. Shrine Bowl Stats: 6-12, 45 yards, TD

Offensive Line
Zane Taylor, C (Utah)
: Solid late round OL prospect.

Players with Local Ties
Keith Payne, RB (Virginia)
Andre Smith, TE (Virginia Tech)
John Graves, DT (Virginia Tech)
Adrian Moten, OLB (Maryland)

Sorry for the lack of insight on the offensive line, these are lower level prospect and I admit I don’t know as much about these OL guys, besides a couple that I have seen. You can check out their website and add any knowledge on any of these guys. (The NFLPA should put $$$ aside for a new website for this game in the next CBA!)

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