I'm Moving to the Defensive Line/Offensive Line Side of the Fence

Don't forget to say you saw it here first my friends.  Yes, Tiller(don't worry, I already slapped myself in the back of the head for referring to myself in the 3rd person) has started, let me say this again, STARTED, to think about liking the idea of drafting D-Line and O-Line with our first 2 picks. 


Now, before you all take the bridge, let me explain.


I still want a QB and a big play WR.  I'd also love a RB with some game-changing ability. I think we need to look to the future at CB, as life after Carlos may be sooner than we think.   Locker is still my man at QB.  If we take him at 10, I'll be getting a white Locker Jersey for sure. 


Defensive linemen at #10 and Offensive linemen in the 2nd are starting to sound OK for me.  Hell, I may even be able to live with Offensive Linemen at #10 and D-Line/OLB in the 2nd. 


Put it this way; I have completely shifted my attention away from FA, and want youth, and starting quality youth at that.  I know FA will have to be used to fill some holes, and I'm alright with that, but that is all I want it to be. 

So here is where I had my epiphany.  I was starting a new dynasty on college football 2011, and like I always do, I went into preseason recruiting, and targeted the 2 top Offensive Tackles in the country to be my primary recruits.  I then went and tried to find some stud DE's and DT's.  I didn't target the top RB in the country, instead deciding to go with a lesser rated prospect with great speed. 


In the middle of my season(I simulate games in the first year to build my program quickly), I realized that if this is what I target for the start of a dynasty in college, why would I feel different about the Redskins starting fresh with a new team built around youth and a new coaching staff. 


So, in year 1 we drafted the top offensive tackle in the draft(Trent Williams).  We also grabbed a couple potential future starters to develop in Capers and Cook.  We essentially brought in a rookie(for all intensive purposes) FA in Cory L.  We basically ignored defensive, with the exception of Reiley at LB. 


Now in 2011(year 2 of our franchise) we need to shore up our new defense.  We attempted to fit a square peg into  a round hole with Haynesworth.  It didn't work.  A new defense calls for new personell. 


So here's my plan:


On offense, Solder is rapidly assending up the draft boards like Jesus Christ himself.  I believe Dallas could be all over him at #9.  This could likely take the top rated tackle off the board before we even pick.  If he's still avaliable, he has to be in the discussion.  I'm not a fan of Castonzo or Carimi at #10, so I would rule them out unless a trade back is possible.  So this leaves us looking at defense.


At D-Line there are a few options I like.  I'm starting to fall in love with Phil Taylor, NT from Baylor, but I'm just not comfortable taking him at #10. I believe he has worked his way into the 1st round with his performance at the senior bowl however.   I love Kerrigan's potential, but an not sold on him as an OLB in our 3-4 just yet.  I keep thing Aaron Maybin with him, and how's he's being misused in Buffalo.  Could the same happen if he is forced to play in the 3-4 in Washington?  That brings us to two the top 4 prospects that I feel could provide immediate help amongst the front 7;  Robert Quinn, Akeem Ayers, Cameron Jordan and Adrian Clayborn.   Quinn would fit perfectly into our 3-4 defense as a OLB, and would provide a perfect complement to Rak.  I fear he could be gone before we pick though.  Another prospect who is similar to Quinn is UCLA's Akeem Ayers.  Ayers is another perfect fit for a 3-4 team at OLB.  He's long, atheletic, and can really get after the passer.  Jordan, like Parks pointed out in his profile the other day, has made himself a hot commodity at the Senior Bowl.  He is a very atheletic DE/DT who would be a great fit as a DE in our new 3-4.  He has been almost unblockable in one-on-ones this week at Senior Bowl practices, and his play would be a welcome addition to a defensive front that has trouble generating pressure.  He may be a slight reach at #10, but that reach wouldn't kill us.  The final prospect I like is Iowa's Adrian Clayborn.  He, much like Jordan, could be a DE in our 3-4.  He had a much better Junior season than he did as a senior, but he was often the focus of double teams, stacking and chiping.  He has the size and strenght to move inside and play the 5 technique, and IMO, this would be his best position in the NFL.  He should impress in workouts and his stock should rise prior to the draft. 


So to summerize, here would be my top 5 prospects in order of how I would rank them assuming we don't go with a QB at #10:


Nate Solder  OT  Colorado

Robert Quinn  OLB  UNC

Cameron Jordan  DE  CAL

Adrian Clayborne  DE  Iowa

Akeem Ayers   OLB   UCLA

Phil Taylor  NT  Baylor(I'll put him in here just because of the desperate need at NT, and because of how dominate he's been at the Senior Bowl)


2nd Round(assuming we went defense in the 1st):

Anthony Castonzo   OT   BC(if he slips)

Stefen Wisniewski  OG  PSU(if he slips)

Derek Sherrod  OT   Miss St.(if he slips)

Clint Boling  OG/OT   Georgia

Jason Pinkston  OT   Pitt(If his stock improves at combine/proday)


2nd round(if we grabbed Nate Solder in the first):

Phil Taylor  DT   Baylor(if he slips)

Marvin Austin   DT   UNC

Cameron Heyward   DE   Ohio St

Jeremy Beal   OLB   Oklahoma

Allen Bailey   DE   Miami

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