Redskins Later Round Prospects in the 2011 NFL Draft

With so many needs on the Redskins, and so few draft picks to fill them, the scouting department will need to really do their homework in the later part of the 2011 NFL Draft. 

If quarterback is addressed early, as many suspect it will be, the staff will have to look to the later part of the draft to try to add depth to the roster.  It's possible that McNabb and Haynesworth could be traded for later picks, and those picks, coupled with the ones we already have, could go to address many needs, such as WR, OL, DL and LB. 

Below are some prospects that should be avaliable in the 3rd round or later in the 2011 NFL Draft.  Keep in mind that prospects can, and will move up and down post combine/pro day, so these are no way set in stone to be avaliable after the 2nd round. 


Greg Little (UNC)  6-2  220   4.55  -  Better athelete than he is a pure WR.  Can only get better at the position. Former RB who is a nightmare in the open field.

Terrence Toliver (LSU)  6-4  211  4.5  -  Had an exceptional Cotton Bowl.  Is long and atheletic.  Deceptive speed because of his long stride.  Needs to work on route running.  Could stand to add 5-10lbs to his frame. 

Austin Pettis (Boise St)  6-3  201  4.6  -  Speed will be an issue here as pro scouts will doubt his ability to get seperation. 

Ronald Johnson (USC)  5-11  187  4.45  -  Will need to show great speed and quickness at the combine/pro day to improve his stock.  Reminds me of former USC wide receiver Steve Smith. 



Justin Boren (Ohio St)  6-3  320  -  Not the most atheletic linemen you will see, but makes up for it with good technique and a nasty streak that can not be taught. 

Kris O'Dowd (USC)  6-4  298  -  I don't know if O'Dowd will be around after the 2nd round, but if he is, he will be a great value for some team.  Shows excellent ability to pull from the C spot, and can get to the second level on linebackers.  Excellent on reach blocks.   Has some problem with the bull rush. 

Clint Boling (Georgia)  6-5  304  -  Another prospect who could shoot up some draft boards.  Played both tackle and guard at Georgia.  Should be a G in the NFL.  Has good feet, and is good at the cut-block. 

John Moffitt (Wisc)  6-4  323  -  Moffitt has a nasty streak and is a mauler.  May not be the best fit for a ZBS, but overall, a very good later-round prospect.

Stephen Schilling (Mich)  6-5  308  -  Shilling is my personal favorite late-round offensive line prospect.  He was Michigan's all-everything linemen, being able to line up at all three line positions.  He is a hard worker, who plays through the whistle. 

Mike Smith (Nebraska)  6-6 285  -  Smith was injured prior to his senior season starting(broken leg).  He is very atheletic, and can play both G and T.  Excellent prospect for a ZBS.



Lee Ziemba (Auburn)  6-5  320  -  Ziemba was a LT this year, but projects to the right side in the NFL.  His stock is improving, and a strong combine/pro day could move him to the early part of the 3rd. 

Jason Pinkston (Pitt)  6-4  308  -  Pinkston is my favorite later-round tackle prospect.  He is a perfect fit for our ZBS.  He is a big, fast, atheletic tackle with very good feet.  He was a left tackle in 2010 at Pitt, but will most likely be asked to play on the right side in the NFL. 

Joseph Barkesdale (LSU)  6-5  336  -  I was disappointed that I didn't get to see Barkesdale participate in the Shrine game due to a pulled hamstring.  He has all the tools, but just needs to be able to put them together.  Moved to LT his senior year, and was somewhat of an underachiever.  Will be a RT in the NFL. 

Derek Newton (Arkansas St)   6-6  305  -  I love this kid in the later rounds.  He is very atheletic, and could end up being one of the surprises of the draft.  Great fit for the ZBS at RT. 


DE(3-4 OLB):

Sam Acho (Texas)  6-3  260  -  Acho is a poor-mans Brian Orakpo.  Not as atheletic, but makes up for it with a great football IQ.  Is definitly a tweener, and the combine will be a tell-all. 

Cliff Matthews (S Carolina)  6-4  268  -  Matthews is a very interesting prospect, and is one of my favorites in the later part of the draft.  He is relentless, has good football smarts, and is as hard of a off-field worker as you will find.  I think he will be a very good stand-up OLB for a 3-4 team. 

Bruce Miller (UCF)  6-2  260  -  Miller is a good athelete with a huge upside.  He has good change of direction skills, which should help him to be a versatile defender in a 3-4 defense.

Justin Trattou (Florida)  6-4  255  -  Trattou is another interesting prospect.  He doesn't have the ideal size to play a 4-3 DE, and is a little stiff in the hip to play in space.  He could make the transition to 3-4 OLB, but will need some work. 


DT(3-4 DE)

Lawrence Guy (Arizona St)  6-5  300  -  Guy is a great prospect at DE in a 3-4.  He is long, powerful, and has a great motor.  Better athelete than most give him credit for.

Davis Carter (UCLA)  6-5  297  -  Hard worker with good football IQ.  Is not as strong at the point of attack as scout would like, but has great upside as a pass-rushing DE in the 3-4. 

Allen Bailey (Miami)  6-4  285  -  Mammoth DE for the Hurricanes who could make a nice transition to a 3-4 DE.  Has the frame to add 10-15 lbs without loosing quickness.  My favorite late-round DE prospect, although I don't know how late he will last. 



Jarrell Powe (Miss) 6-2  320  -  Powe could come off the board earlier if a NT starved teams falls in love with his ability to be a 1-gapper.  Great lower body strength.

Kenrick Ellis (Hampton)  6-5  340  -  Very strong at the point of attack, and capable to taking on double treams.  Will need to learn to play lower in the NFL. 

Ted Laurent (Miss)  6-1  312  -  Can play NT or 4-3 DT.  Not really a penetrator, but not a huge run stopper either.  Has a good base, but slow feet. 

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