An Interesting Breakdown on our Season

We know about the stuff that went wrong but there were things that also went right this Season

This is from CBS Sports

Jan. 19, 2011 3:36 p.m. - Things that went wrong for the Redskins:

9) Nose tackle. Maake Kemoeatu struggled to recover from a 2009 Achilles injury and his play impacted the defense. It improved with Anthony Bryant the last three games, but it remains a position of need. Redskins RapidReports

8) FS Kareem Moore’s performance. Whether it stemmed from a bum knee or just poor play, Moore did not help the secondary much. He missed too many tackles and made too few plays.

 7) Pass protection. Redskins QBs were sacked 46 times, tying 2009 for the most sacks allowed since 1998. It wasn’t just the line’s fault; losing RB Clinton Portis to injury removed their best pass blocker.

6) Joey Galloway. The coaches foolishly thought a 38-year old who had faded a few years ago would produce as a No. 2 WR, but Galloway caught just 12 passes in 10 games.
5) Lack of a pass rush. Other than LB Brian Orakpo, the Redskins had no one who could rush the passer consistently. Orakpo had a team-best 8.5 sacks; no one else had more than 2.5. 
4) Field goals. Graham Gano has a powerful leg, but he tied for the league lead with 11 missed field goals. His misses impacted three games in which the Redskins lost by three points or fewer. 
3) Defensive fall. The Redskins went from the 10th ranked defense in 2009 to 31st. Switching to a 3-4, with numerous players changing positions and without a good nose tackle, created a rough 
  2) Albert Haynesworth’s unwillingness to play in the 3-4. He’s good enough to dominate in any scheme and the defense suffered from his stubbornness to adapt. The coaches also were silly to think he’d ever change. 

 1) QB Donovan McNabb failed to seize the position. Now he’ll likely be traded or released. The Redskins have started 21 QBs since winning the Super Bowl after the 1991 season. That alone explains their struggles.

Things that went right

1) Santana Moss and Chris Cooley got open. Though Cooley dropped more passes than normal, the duo finished with 170 combined receptions – the other 13 players who caught passes combined for 179. 
2) Ryan Torain. The third-year back managed 742 yards in 10 starts. Durability remains an issue, but Torain proved that he’s a solid runner and good fit for Mike Shanahan’s rushing attack. 
3)  DeAngelo Hall’s big plays. Though he was burned more than in the past, Hall made the difference in two wins by returning two turnovers for a touchdown. Those plays earned him a Pro Bowl berth. 
4) First down plays. Thanks to an aggressive  passing attack, the Redskins averaged 6.02 yards on first down, sixth- best in the NFL.
 5) The establishment of control. Players loved that they knew Mike Shanahan was in charge. In the previous two years under Jim Zorn, too many players bypassed the coach to go to the front office or owner.
6) Kick coverage. While the Redskins had their issues with punting and making field goals, they did a good job stopping returners, ranking second in the NFL (23.7 yards per runback).
7) Wins over NFC championship game participants Chicago and Green Bay. The Redskins held the explosive Packers to 13 points and won with a fourth-quarter rally. Meanwhile, they forced six turnovers to win at Chicago. 
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