HH Oline Gurus, Please advise

G'day All

(btw I have decided G'day All is my new default opening as I always struggle to think how to start Fan Posts)

With my beloved Skins once again being out of the playoffs, I have been going back watching what games of ours I have on DVR from the season in a play by play basis trying to look for strengths that maybe underutilized and spotting weaknesses that I did not see when watching the game live, where the flow of the game and the result overtake my analytical powers.

 Now let me make it clear, I am no Football expert, anything but, however I do like to think I am learning and I do a lot of study to try to back up my rudimentary understandings of the game.

 Which brings me to Stephon Heyer

 Many of us, me included have spent a lot of time bashing Heyer about the head, and for good reason over the last couple of years.  But I noticed a couple of things on the replays that have me thinking he is potentially someone who could contribute for us if he was just used correctly.

 Watching the Philly game, I saw him lay two brutal blocks, one on our first touchdown opening up a whole for Torain to run through to open the scoring and one later on another run where he shifted inside and just pulverized the DT.

 So I started watching just Heyer whenever the Camera Angle allowed and now after watching a bunch of games I have decided that any time he needs to backpedal and set up for Pass Protection he is vulnerable, we all know about the Constant False Starts and also how often he is beaten, but it seems to me that even when he doesn’t give up a sack or a pressure and keeps his man off the QB, he is always the linemen who is pushed the furthest back into the Pocket, and he is always struggling.

 However, when he goes forward and helps the running game, man can he open some massive holes and he is aggressive too, he doesn’t push them out of the way and feel the job is done, this dude genuinely forces his opponent back 5-10 yards past the line of scrimmage at times.

 So I was wondering, is Heyer not really a Guard being forced to play tackle because of his size.  I mean even in Pass Protection, it seems to me a Guard is not required to retreat as far as a Tackle so it would take away his nervousness (and consequently some False Start Penalty’s) but also he would actually be able to engage his man earlier, at the LOS rather than retreating and giving the Defensive player a 2 step attack on him, that the Tackle has to contend with.


Now I am just a dumb Aussie, who is basically self taught when it comes to understanding the NFL and the game of Football.  So I am sure that technically I have made some major blunders in my assessments.  \


For example


Maybe Guards are meant to retreat as far as Tackles on Passing Plays
Maybe Tackles are meant to engage their man at the Line of Scrimmage on Passing Plays(however, our guys don’t on the evidence I have seen)

Maybe he is not the right body shape for Guard

Or maybe there are other technical reasons, why what I am saying is wrong.

Which basically why I have written this post, I know there are some guys on here who do know their stuff when it comes to O-Line (BIgFat OLineman for one) so I would love to hear your thoughts on Heyer, and any advice on what I should be looking for when going through my rudimentary analysis of Line Play.


Just one word of caution, any condescending answers, or tone that is condescending will automatically make me get my back up and I will likely ignore your points, if you need any example of what constitutes condescending, refer to any LJP post in the history of this site   :)

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