More on Belichick and Patriots

How Belichick Wins With Spare Parts-

"If the high-powered Patriots win the Super Bowl, they’ll do it with the least-acclaimed skill position players of any champion based on draft status." Chase Stuart has gone into an extensive analysis of the NFL championship teams and the composition of their rosters in terms of the number and round of draft picks. 

The table below shows the full list of Super Bowl champions, along with which draft pick best corresponds to the weighted average (based on production) of the actual draft picks of the offensive skill position players:

Team    Year    Pick
DAL 1992 8
DAL 1993 9
IND 2006 9
DAL 1995 10
NYG 2007 10
PIT 1979 11
PIT 1978 12
NYJ 1968 12
RAI 1983 14
CHI 1985 16
PIT 1975 16
OAK 1980 17
MIA 1973 18
MIA 1972 19
DEN 1997 25
NYG 1990 26
BAL 2000 30
BAL 1970 31
SFO 1994 32
NYG 1986 34
PIT 1974 35
KAN 1969 37
DEN 1998 37
DAL 1971 38
PIT 2008 39
GNB 1967 40
PIT 2005 45
STL 1999 46
NOR 2009 49
SFO 1989 50
GNB 1996 52
GNB 1966 53
SFO 1988 54
DAL 1977 55
OAK 1976 61
WAS 1982 61
WAS 1987 62
TAM 2002 68
SFO 1984 75
SFO 1981 77
NWE 2001 85
WAS 1991 94
NWE 2003 101
NWE 2004 118

(He) performed the same analysis for each of the 12 teams that made the postseason this year:

Team Pick

IND 11

NYJ 13

PHI 13

ATL 19

CHI 34

PIT 35

BAL 35

GNB 52

NOR 58

KAN 76

SEA 89

NWE 149

So How Do They Do It?

The Patriots led the N.F.L. in points scored. They threw the most touchdowns passes. They committed fewer turnovers than any other team since the adoption of the 16-game schedule. They ranked second in rushing touchdowns and in net yards per pass attempt. And yet, as we’ve described, they are almost entirely powered by late-round and undrafted players. So how does Belichick turn an offense that appears marginal on paper into a dominant unit?"

Go to the link for the rest of the article.

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