London 4 Canton & help me pick a College Team

G'day All


I have a couple of questions.


1.  Why is it pretty much universally accepted that Ray Lewis will one day be inducted into the HOF and London Fletcher can't even make a Pro Bowl.  Now one reason is that the Pro Bowl is sort of a popularity contest with the internet voting and all, so is therefore not always a true indicator performance, but London does not make the ALL NFL Defensive teams, whereas Lewis often does and that is by the Pro Football Writers and such, wont this lack of Pro Bowl appearances, and certainly lack of all NFL team nods hurt London's HOF chances. 

If you look at the stats, London has more tackles ( a key performance indicator for a MLB) in the same time span than Ray Lewis  has had.

If you want to look at intangibles Fletcher is a key Leader on this team and was in St Louis also, just like Ray Lewis, and leadership is often a key factor brought up to tell us all why Ray Lewis is so great.  Will Fletcher be punished because he is thoughtful Leader who does his work in the Locker Room and not by crazy dances as he comes onto the field.. 

Then you may want to look at the key thing, you may want to look at Winning they both have the one SB ring, but I believe London was their for both of the Rams 2 SB appearances. 

I just worry that he will not get his due if we wait until after his career to start pushing his case.  I think all Skins fans should start emailing Londons case to HOF voters, starting now.  I really hope Fletcher does not miss out on the HOF because he is not a shameless self promoter like Ray Lewis, the stats show they are practically equal as players, yet Peter King for example has Ray Lewis listed as one of the Top 30 players of ALL TIME, yet when he compiles his pre-season lists of the Top 100 players of the current NFL, Fletcher does not even get mentioned as one of the Top 100 players of any given year.


Now I have tried to help out London, by 'Raising Awareness' I need some help for myself please.

This is something I have needed help with for a while, as I have started to develop more of an appreciation for College Football.  I find sports are much easier to embrace once you have a team that you support and develop a passion for.


I have been a Redskins fan since I was 12.  Then with the internet I started reading the Washington area press I discovered WIlbon, Boswell and Jenkins and because I admired their writing I started to read their articles regarding the Nats and Wizards as well so I went and adopted them as my MLB and NBA teams.

Now I need a college team.  I figured I should probably choose a team from the Maryland/Virginia area seeing as that is why I have the Nats and Wizards, though I am not married to that idea, so will be prepared to accept nominations from all across America.  I currently have a soft spot for the Hokies, only cos they are local and I felt some sympathy for them from the Tragedy a few years back and adopted them as my team, however they have done nothing so far that has caused me to develop an emotional attachment to them, so I am now happy to accept all options.


So please sell me on the reasons why I should support the same College as you.  They need to be a team that is consistently ranked, therefore that generally means BCS eligible, tho you could include TCU and BYU I suppose, the reason I need a college that is ranked most years is that it means I will get to see them occasionally on TV in Australia, I want them to have good jerseys, and would probably prefer a team with some history and tradition.  So please tell me who you think I should support. 


If as I suspect and hope this leads to some lively debate in the comments section, anyone who starts getting personal with their attacks (i.e attacking the Poster, rather than attacking the school that poster supports) then not only are you a douche who shouldn't be on HH anyway as this site is famous for the fact we have a great community that has goo debate on issues and is therefore massively superior to basically all other fansites on the internet.  But you will also go close to disqualifying your school from consideration of becoming my school of choice.


So please let the heated debate begin and give me some options. 


(And yes I am aware this is a Skins site, but put it this way, I have a soft spot for Auburn cos of JC and Carlos, I like MIami cos of Portis, I now start to look for Texas results cos of B-Rak, so its all related, and selfishly, i Just want a team to support and I figured this was the best way to get one.  I will post my decision if any of you manage to sway me to your team.)

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