Week 1 Review

G'day All





Let me follow that by pointing out where I feel that I can quite easily say that I have been wrong so far in the pre-season.


Firstly, Trent Williams looks like he was the correct pick.  I was more of an Okung guy, mainly due to the knowledgeable posters on this site who led me in that direction, plus some of the pre-draft analysis I read.  But seeing 71 not only handle Ware with aplomb, but also sprinting up the field to level people on downfield blocks, (particularly in one instance in the 2nd or 4th quarter that had Collingsworth salivating) as made me a beleiver.  Geez he looked good, and every good thing he did, had me thinking of Vinny sitting at home watching and thinking to himself "Wow thats why I failed as a GM, the OLine is really kinda, you know, IMPORTANT"


Secondly, Jim Haslett.  Do not interpret this as me being a convert to the 3-4 theory, I still think that we should have waited a year to move to that as our base, even if we incorporated some this year.  However, after watching for 2 years whilst Blatche ran cover 2, no pressure prevent Defences, to see Haslett unleash the dogs in the last 2 minutes with blitzes, when you just know Haslett would have certainly without doubt, being running bend but dont break was just a delight.  And not just then either, the constant pressuring and blitzing was a thing of beauty.


Also I dont know if you guys at the ground would have noticed this, but on TV, every replay showed that the tackler, and certainly the 2nd and 3rd help defenders on each collision were reaching their hands in towards the ball to try and dislodge it and cause fumbles and turnovers.  Yes butter fingers Rodgers dropped a difficult interception late on, then the next play I think it was Fletcher who dropped an interception thrown right to his chest bring back memorys from last year.  But the fact is we won the turnover battle (or drew it if you include missed FG's as turnovers like i do)


Now the things I think yesterday proved I was right about, and this is much more fun to write than admitting I was wrong.


I have a strong beleif, expressed here before that Shanahan is more worried about seperating himself from that past by not playing players associated with that regime than he is with winning.


Now yesterday, when it was clear that Galloway just could not get open, EVER< like literally NEVER GOT OPEN, then it was time for Shanahan to swallow his pride and let DT play a few snaps with the offence.  We all saw that Zorn never trusted him the last last 2 years, but in the last few games when he was forced too, that DT can actually contribute to this offence, and is a brutal after the catch runner.  Its time for Shanahn to give him a go in game situations to see what he can offer, because Armstrong did not look up standard yesterday and it was literally just the MOss and Cooley show for McNabb out there.


Thankyou Jim Haslett, I have always defended LaRon on this site and Haslett proved he is not a Third Cornerback type safety, but is a get at the ball, attack the line of scrimmage, hit the QB type safety, and my word he played well yesterday, what a star.  Yes he is lacking in coverage, but my god he is good on the blitz or on short yardage situations where he gets to hit and hit hard at the line of scrimmage.


I know everyone is going to talk about Haynesworth being by himself on the sidelines and what not, but he really did push hard on every play at the line of scrimmage.  Its time for Haynesworth to put this saga in the past and play him, or if he beleives he is only a passing downs option, then sell it to Big Al as apositve and not a punishment, saying they want him to be fresh and use his strengths on critical downs.


Being in Australia I dont get to watch many full games, so when I do I spend more time watching the lines than the ball, cos all the stuff that happens with the ball I can get on-line in the highlights package.  beleive me Big Al was solid yesterday/

Ethan Albright being dumped was a bad bad bad move.  Yeah lets dump the guy who never screwed a snap in his career, for an unknown, just madness.  Long Snapper is a postion you dont notice till they screw up, we should have kept him


Last one, I have been saying for as long as I have been on this site that we need an Aussie Punter (and yes I'm biased) our guy is terrible.  Matt McBriar the Cowboys punter was just a local park footballer over here, not even 2nd or 3rd grade, just a dud who played with a bunch of fat drinking buddys on the weekend, who can hoof the ball a mile.  There is an ex AFL (the top level ) footballer looking for a punting contract in the states at the moment named Nick Davis.  Not only is this guy one of the longest kicks in AFL history, he also is accurate so would be able to put the ball out of play inside the 20 every time, taking away the return game, plus he is not a big lumbering oaf, he is about 6ft tall and used to be known for his elusive running, meaning he could actually contribute in the coverage game as a tackler.  LETS SIGN NICK DAVIS.


Other notes.


My internet at home was down so I couldnt join in the chat yesterday, so unfortunately for Ken and KEv I bombarded the HogsHaven twitter account (for ur reference guys I am ozsportsdude on twitter, not pommylee anymore) so I couldnt join in but I did follow it on my phone (my phone as some cookie issue which means I cant log in to post stuff but I can read stuff)


From my readings it seems that ppl were very disgruntled at times with our offence and with good reason.  But V Jackson will not solve all our issues.  Plus why spend mega bucks on him, before seeing what DT can do.  I really beleive that we should give him a go..


How joyous is it to know that McNeil for the Chargers, a top 8 left tackle is on the Market for all intents and purposes and we dont even want him.  Gotta love the Trent Williams era, my god he looked good, but dont forget Jamaal, he was brilliant on the right and if Williams has some rookie struggles, we can always give him a rest on the right for a couple of games to get his confidence back.  Hicks was great too, and although Raback was ordinairy yesterday historically he has done well



WELCOME BACK THE HOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (yes hyperbole and they are no where near that level, but we just beat Dallas guys, let the Koolaid flow my brothers, let it flow)





(one note of caution, watched the Pats game yesterday, that O-Line looked like 2007 Pats, Brady just sat back nonchalantly surveying the field all afternoon, was mega scary, we are not SB bound this year with that O-Line looking that good, it really was a thing of beauty their pass protection, just scary scary scary good)

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