Hot or Cold - Week 1

Let's take a look at 4 players who either had great games, or need to up their game. Now, certainly we need to realise that this is Week 1 in a new scheme against a very good opposition. However here are my thoughts after the jump...

Hot - 

1 - Brian Orakpo - He was dominant off the edge and was moved about the formation. The power and presence he showed on the final play is testament to his conditioning and how his game has improved after hitting the rookie wall somewhat last year.


2 - Deangelo Hall - Hall is a playmaker, that can no longer be questioned. The desire to hack at the football (not just on the Choice fumble) showed a commitment that we previously hadn't seen. He has bought into the scheme and made us all forget about "falls" Hall.


3 - Trent Williams -To hold his own against Demarcus Ware (apart from being beaten on an inside move through bad shoulder technique) he played to the level of his draft status - a massive achievement. Under the bright lights, the world watching and a DPOY contender across him he was composed (apart from a late 3rd down penalty) and made me ask Russell who?


4 - Clinton Portis - He deserves praise for his blocking as much as his running. He was physical and certainly was a key reason why the Dallas D tired throughout the second half. Despite not getting the YPC from the total stats as a whole he had a brilliant fourth quarter, he showed he was a team player and gave his all - what more can you ask for.


Cold -


1 - Josh Bidwell - The snap was high, but it still went right through his fingers. Then he followed this up with a poor punt that gave Dallas amazing field position. However he did have some good moments including when Westbrook downed the punt just short of the goal-line.


2 - Anthony Armstrong - He had a step on Jenkins on the first fade and it went right through his fingers. Big players make big plays in big games. Donovan is looking to establish a rapport with receivers and dropping tough, but catchable balls are not the way to move forward.


3 - Larry Johnson - Running out of bounds when you have the ball and the lead in the 4th - that is unforgivable. He should have known the sideline was approaching, cut back and got low to stop him from going out of bounds. Seemed to dance around a little too much for my liking rather than the traditional Shanahan ZB run-scheme.


4 - Reed Doughty - Got caught looking for the run on the Austin TD. Found out of position and didn't assert himself as a viable starter even when K Moore comes back healthy. He will certainly be a player that I will look at more closely next week.


What are your thoughts?

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