Damn It Feels Good to be a gangster... err... Skins fan

Can I get a hip hip hooray! Wait that was last years bs. Can I get a it’s great having an aggressive defense!

How much fun was it to watch the skins last night. I was excited the entire time; Offense, Defense & Special teams, unlike last year I was equally excited watching all three parts of the team looking like a professional football team.

Lets start with the Defense the MVP’s of the game in my opinion;

An Emphasis on turnovers… FINALLY! Was I the only one who knew a turnover was coming soon towards the end of the half. Our guys were attacking the ball carriers unmercifully ripping and digging at the ball the entire game. I knew it was only a matter of time and the fact the the cowboys called a stupid play with four seconds left resulting in a fumble and a D-hall TD was just icing on the cake.

D-line – I’m not gonna talk about Haynesworth, because all the attention should go to Orakpo who if it were not for the other team holding him probably would have had 2+ sacks recorded already, the kids a beast but we already knew that, somebody better call Shaub and let him know he’s got 98 problems wrapped up in 1.

Fletcher was… well he was Fletcher - a tackling machine who makes plays all over the field.

Oh and one more defense comment, where are all the Landry haters at? 17 tackles… 17!!!  

Offense – anyone else get that tingly feeling when Trent Williams blocked there dude 20 yards down field!? He held his own vs Ware as well, the O-line only allowed 1 sack vs a very good pass attack of the Cowboys.

3rd down efficiency, I believe Kev stated this in another article but damn it’s nice having Donovan over Campbell in on third and 5+ no disrespect to Jason, but it’s nice having a feeling of confidence on 3rd downs.

WR’s didn’t look too great with the exception of Santana (did he resemble Desean Jackson a bit or was that just me?) I’m glad Armstrong got some playing time but can we hide Galloway at the bottom of the depth chart?


Special Team – I wish DT had gotten a few more kick off returns, he almost broke the first one I think he was brought down by the kicker? But still averaged over 30 on the two returns he had.

Gano – (insert Suisham slight here) finally a kicker who can put it thru the uprights from within 40!!

Can’t wait for the next Texas team to roll into Fedex, and leave with their tails tucked between their legs!


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