10 Things Travis Wants to See Sunday

Who's Travis you ask?

It doesn't fucking matter... Here's ten things I want to see this Sunday night at FedEx, football related and non football related. 

 Let's get down to business:

  1. Minimal 'Boys fans.  I know we can't completely keep them out, but can we at least make an effort to make it seem like we are the home team?  Please no repeats of the Steelers game this year.
  2. Fedex to be Loud.  False starts, false starts, false starts...Make some fucking noise, and don't do it when we're on offense.  Scream like a little girl being chased by a white van when we're on defense (probably not the best analogy, but probably the most offensive).  But please, simmer down before Rabach snaps the ball.
  3. Skins fans sticking up for eachother.  If you see some cowboys fans heckling skins, don't hesitate to chime in.  Stop acting like bitches and make your voice heard.
  4. Landry welcoming Dez Bryant to the NFL.  Knock his fucking head off.
  5. Establish a run game.  I want to see us dominate the line of scrimmage.  Preseason we looked weak up front with the initial push and I want to see that change now that game time is here.
  6. Make opposing fans uncomfortable.  I'm not saying throw batteries at them, I'm just saying it is our duty as Redskins to make rival team fans feel unwelcome.  Please help me fulfill this.
  7. Carlos gets an interception.  I know this is a stretch, but hey, I'm one of those the glass is half full guys.
  8. Trent Williams hold his own against Ware.  Arguably Ware is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL.  I know we'll give him some help, but if Trent can hold his own this Sunday night, that would be saying something.
  9. Haynseworth on the field making his presence known.  Please Al, can you put in your best effort this Sunday night (and maybe even the rest of the season)?  We need you, and we don't need another reason for a media shit storm.
  10. A Wave.  I fucking love waves.

    Sorry for the language if it offends you.
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