Haynesworth back at it again with the BS...... (poll added)

The post game press conference was cut short for Haynesworth after a short 86 seconds following his responses to questions from reporters.  I have posted the transcript after the jump for those of you that aren't completely tired of this ass-clown!!!

Keep in mind....they said every time the word "headaches" was said....Haynesworth did quotation symbols with his hands!  What now?  I think this guy is bi-polar or just a glutton for punishment. I do think Shanny is skating a fine line if he is downplaying anything with Haynesworth to make him look bad.  You do not want public opinion shifting to being on Haynesworth's side by continuing this payback campaign!

Q: What happened this week?

A: I don't know. I was told I had headaches or whatever and that's why I couldn't go out and practice. It was a little bit more than that, but they didn't want to expose that.

Q: What was it?

A: You'll have to ask them, but I guess they'll tell you headaches.

Q: You didn't have anything?

A: That was part of it, but it wasn't all of it. They left out a whole lot of stuff.

Q: Why would they do that?

A: I don't know, but I guess to make themselves look good, make me look bad for not going to their offseason conditioning program. Next year I'm not coming either. I'll be with my trainer again and I'll get back in the same shape I'm in and feel good about myself.

Q: Are they holding it against you?

A: Oh yeah I think so. It's all right. I'm a football player and I know I can still play the game as long as I get this defense down I'll be all right.

Q: How did you feel tonight?

A: It was all right; third quarter, ninth-year pro, I don't think I should have been out in the third quarter but for having headahces, that's what they wanted to do.

The above transcript came from John Keim with the
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