The Significance of Change



Change is often resisted within organizations.

However, without change and the process of adapting to new environments, organizations will become stagnate and non-competitive. 

That being said, I'm curious as to what Skins fans say is the most significant change that has occurred to the team since the end of last year's god-awful forgettable season.

I realize that in the long-run, it is the combination of changes that is really the most significant thing of all. But what is the single most important change? And going one further, what is the order of importance of those changes? IMHO it goes like this:

  1. Head Coach: Coach Shanahan putting his style and system in place is the most significant event of all because it changes everything.
  2. Offensive coordinator: I know some will disagree but I think Kyle will bring huge change for this offense and that he's going to be around a long time in this organization if you get my drift.
  3. GM: Allen is a serious upgrade over his predecessor (understatement of the year). I thought about making this event as #2 but I still think we are in for a treat with KS.
  4. QB: An uprade for sure but not going to be around for the long-term. Still, we could go a long way with DM for the near-term. so........." Let Donovan Pass!"
  5. New (old) Veterans: Galloway, Parker, Johnson, Grossman, Kemoeatu, etc.. I realize this is kind of a multi-event but we took on some guys (some of whom may be past their prime) that bring game-changing abilities nonetheless.


  6. Draft: I think we got our LT for the future. Only time will tell though.
  7. Fat Albert Controversy: Has made a lot of headlines, but in reality, has much changed from last year?




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