Bill Walsh Coaching Tree Has Some Redskins History

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Redskins Coaches in the Bill Walsh Tree: Shanahan & son, Jim Zorn, Mike Nolan (Def. Coordinator 1997-9), and Norval Eugene Turner (1994-2000).

The Bill Walsh coaching tree has always been impressive, but I've never taken a hard look at it until now. Texans Coach Gary Kubiak started out as a QB coach at San Fran with Shanahan (who was Off. Coordinator at the time). The next season Shanahan became Head Coach at Denver where Kubiak reigned as offensive coordinator for the next 10 years (before leaving for Houston). Kyle Shanahan fittingly got his first start in Houston under Kubiak (Pay it forward?). Past Redskins coaches Zorn and Norv Turner also fall under this umbrella. Although Norv coached under Mike Nolan as a Coordinator, he got his first experience under both John Johnson and former Cowboys Head Coach, Jimmy Johnson.


Wade Phillips: Coached under Marty Schottenheimer, but primarily learned his philosophy from his father, Bum Phillips.  

Tony Dungy: Is listed above as part of the Schottenheimer coaching tree. However, Dungy attributes most of his coaching style from tutelage under Chuck Noll. Noll learned much of his philosophy from Paul Brown. Noll coached Dungy as a player and also gave him his first NFL position as the defensive backs coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dungy later became the defensive coordinator for the Steelers.

Steve Spagnuolo: While Steve is credited under Tom Coughlin and Bill Parcells tree, he studied and learned much of his style and system during his tenure in Philadelphia under the late Jim Johnson and Andy Reid. Steve took Jim's style of play to New York where he gained national attention for his scheming and personel packages that helped shut down New England in the Super Bowl, and then he took that defense to St. Louis.

Not included in the picture are coaches like Charlie Weis and Nick Saban, both Belichick disciples.

Info stolen with love from Via Wiki

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