Position by Position Beast Reviews (Offense)

QB - Giants, Skins, CowboysEagles

I think this could be a big toss up, Donovan, Romo and Eli are all pretty close in my book, Donovan had the edge when he was in Philly but we will have to wait and see what he does in the knew system. I can see Kolb being either really great or really bad depending on his first few starts and how he deals with the "fans" up there in philly.

RB - Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Skins

Hopefully a rejuvinated and motivated Portis can leave defenses bruised and tired by the time we get to the goal line Where LJ spells him and pounds it in the last few feet... but I don't see it yet... Giants could make a leap if Bradshaw stays healthy and Jacobs gets back to doing what he does best... Truck sticking everyone, save Fletcher, in his way. I really like the Eagles backfield in terms of talent but whether or not Reid lets them touch the ball is a different story.


O-Line - Eagles, Cowboys, Skins, Giants

I'm really hoping that this changes after seeing how our line adjusts to the new additions and new system but we won't know until the pads come on and maybe not until we see them in action a few games.

WR - Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Skins

It seems to me that every team in the division is leaps and bounds above the Skins at WR, of course that could change if the young guns can step up under Shanahans tutelage and Donovans guidence. There's no Denying the Talent that the Cowboys have at WR, but we can cross our fingers that their ego's get too big and they start to self destruct. The Giants and Eagles are full of young talent like we are, however their guys have already stepped up or have continuously flashed greatness unlike our young talent which have flashed greatness twice Thomas against the Saints and Kelly on his one long catch where he was ru.... forget it you know what i'm talking about.

TE - Skins, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants

Although Witten is still the undisputed leader in the division, our tandem of TE's are going to be one of the brightest spots on this team, I think Kyle is going to get the most out of Cooley and Fred, I'm excited to see what Dennis Morris brings to the table as well. I envision him getting time in at FB and being an excellent check down target for Donovan.

Look forward to your guys predictions.

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