In (partial) defense of Big Al

Dan Snyder,
(potentially) A Stripper, with definite Gold Digger tendencys
and now a Bank

In todays world after the GFC, I dont see anybody crying for any of those 'victims'.

I know for a fact I will be the only one here with this view but I am sort of sypathetic to Alberts position, when he was being wooed by Snyder last year he would have been promised the World, no doubt.  And now everything has changed, and I think he may even had tolerated that if he had just been consulted about the changes, you know, made to feel as important as Snyder promised he would be just 12 short months ago.

Now before you all take the Shanahan line, of "when he took the check etc", just remember 21 million dollars is GENERATIONAL WEALTH, that is the sort of money that is still going to be benefiting his childrens, childrens, children and possibly through wise moves, beyond.

Nobody walks away from Generational Wealth, Nobody, and no one on here would either.  Thanks to the mistakes of the old regime Albert has the Skins held over a barrel and there is little we can do about it, if Donald Trump does this its called "The Art of the Deal" or "Respected Ruthless Businessman".

Albert looked at how it was all about to play out and played his hand, so far, to perfection, will it cost him a spot in the Hall of Fame, probably but there was only a possibility of making it anyway, will he lose respect of the General Public, most definitly, but in the 24 hr news cycle we'll find a new thing to kick around soon enough, he may even become a byword for bad contracts but that is on Vinny and Dan not him, and he is cleaning up.

As much as I hate what it is doing to the team, and as much as I would love to see him as a 3-4 end, I think you have to look at what he has done, tip your hat and say "well played sir"

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