Are You For or Against an 18-game Season?

On one side [Yahoo]:

Goodell sees the expanded season as a key point in the current CBA negotiations because more games means more television revenue, and revenue is at the heart of what the league and the union are fighting over these days.

Players currently get 60 percent of the league's revenue, and they could be in line for a bump once the television contracts with NBC and ESPN expire in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

"If there is more revenue, you get a piece of that," Goodell told the Daily News.

The main issue is that four pre-season games does so little revenue wise and for the players. They are boring to watch, but having covered the Redskins now for so long, I actually do get a kick out of watching the scrubs play because I know every player.

And the players side [Yahoo]:

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Ray Lewis:  "Don't get me wrong, I love the game of football," Lewis said. "If fans want to show their love, they should let everyone know that we are not machines. I've been blessed to play this game for so long, but it's time to start thinking about what legacy and impact changes like this will leave for the players of tomorrow, and us after we retire. I know our fans may not like preseason games, and I don't like all of them, but swapping two preseason games for two end-of-season games - when players already play hurt - comes at a huge cost for the player and the team. I know our union is on top of it."

Tom Brady concurred. "I've taken part in several postseason runs where we have played 20 games. The long-term impact this game has on our bodies is well documented. Look no further than the players that came before we did. Each player today has to play three years in order to earn five years of post-career health care. Our Union has done a great job of raising the awareness on these issues and will make the right decision for us players, the game and the fans."    

What are your thoughts??

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