Camping Out: Redskins Park Update with John Keim


John Keim has covered the Washington Redskins since 1994. Follow his work at and

Continuing our weekly look inside Redskins Park, we hit up John for some answers to this week's questions.


Hogs Haven: It sounds like more players are skipping practices these days. Seems about right since mandatory practices are right around the corner and they could use a break. Was there any hoopla about Portis and Landry being out? Any others?

John Keim: No hoopla. It was asked about, but Shanahan said it was the first practice Portis had missed. Landry hasn't been here in a couple weeks, nor has Rocky McIntosh. Neither are surprising and they're the only two who have consistently missed since the last minicamp. The only hoopla still surrounds Haynesworth, simply because everyone knows why he's staying away. He's also their best defensive player (when his mind is right, especially), so there's going to be more attached to his absences.

HH: How is Dennis Morris doing? Is he taking snaps primarily as TE or H-back?

JK: I've seen him take more snaps as an H-back/FB, but I have not paid strict attention to him so I don't know how much work he's received at TE. I haven't seen a whole lot one way or another. But after watching
his highlight videos, he's a guy I really want to see with pads on. In college at least, he excelled at driving his man. If that's a strength, you won't see it in the spring.

HH:  I'd love to see a speedster make this team. Keiland Williams
standing out at all?

JK: No. But that doesn't mean he won't.  The running back I'm anxious to see is Ryan Torain, who has been noticeable. Not known for his speed, but he does flash. I still think they need to add someone else (Ryan
Moats, perhaps?)

HH:  Are any of the non-starting CBs standing out? How about Tryon and Melvin Stephenson?

JK: I haven't paid close attention to Stephenson; Tryon has looked fine. I liked how he played in training camp last year, too; you could see the improvement. I haven't seen him much in the one-on-one drills, but usually for a DB right now, you notice them when they get beat. He did have Malcolm Kelly make a leaping catch over him yesterday, but his positioning was good. He just lost out to reality: Kelly is about seven inches taller.

HH: How are Erik Cook and Selvish Capers doing? The coaches mentioned any progress there?

JK: They have not mentioned much progress. I'd say both players will take a little while, but I'm guessing everyone knew that already. I haven't seen enough of Cook to get a strong feel for him; it's hard sometimes

from our view to see what they do on the interior. Capers I've been able to watch a little more. He's worked with the third line and looks like someone who has a ways to go. Big difference in technique between
Capers and Trent Williams. I love what I've seen of Williams.

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