One eye on camp, the other on the trade market

Redskins fans are being treated to the second mini camp under new Head Coach Mike Shanahan. However, once again we don't see Albert Haynesworth in attendance. This is an opportunity for Shanahan to swing a deal to show decisive leadership. We all know that Haynesworth was the most coveted player just over a year ago when he signed that monster deal, but if the 100 Million Dollar Man is going to try and play the victim, then no one should tolerate that behavior.

Here are just a few good reasons to make that trade right now:

1 - When Albert signed that deal it instantly made him a leader on this football team. He is setting a terrible example for the younger players and it will affect the locker room chemistry when he returns. Why should a player like Brian Orakpo (purely a random player) come to this camp, when he sees AH absent?

2 - While Jim Haslett has been known to be a players coach, Shanahan needs to set the agenda. By not having a leader at the mini camps, it casts a shadow on his image as the unquestioned leader. 

3 - A switch to the 3-4 seems inevitable, however would AH sacrifice the sacks that he used to get in the 4-3 to be a selfless player? The numbers generally aren't flattering for 3-4 lineman because their role is to free up the linebackers.

Now, one can look at La'Roi Glovers 2006 and 2007 seasons where he had 5.5 and 6 sacks and say that in JH's defense there is a chance for lineman to make plays, but even Carriker admitted that the role isn't to make plays but keep the big nasties off the linebackers.

4 - His value may never be higher than right now. The Redskins have payed the bulk of his contract, the rest of the salary is quite reasonable. While it may seem like a terrible mistake to put that money to waste, the return of a pick may cushion the blow.

5 - We don't know what kind of shape he is in.

With all that in mind I would propose the following two trades in order of preference:

1 - Haynesworth to St Louis for Free Safety OJ Atogwe (pending a physical of course) and a 3rd round pick: This would get rid of two headaches for the Rams - First it would improve their defensive line, freeing up Chris Long and co. to make plays. Secondly they have been stuck with Atogwe and want something in return.

Atogwe is a playmaker (3 interceptions, 5 FF's under 2006, 8 interceptions in 2007, 5 interceptions, 5 FF's in 2008 - all under Haslett), he is still only 28 and has at least another 4 years ahead of him. He also steps into the starting free safety gig, allowing Landry to play closer to the LOS.

Also, a 3rd round pick from the Rams should be closer to the top of the round.



2 - Haynesworth to the Vikings for a 2nd rounder: With the Williams Wall in danger of losing 8 games due to the Starcaps fiasco, Haynesworth could add another element to that defensive line and has been rumored to be interested in a move to Minnesota. Keep in mind that Pat Williams is 37 - having AH there keeps that defensive line fortified for a few more years.

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