Ridiculous Symmetry, good for Skins?

Let me say at the outset this post will be to some ppl ridiculous, but if any of you even glance at a Horoscope get freaked out by coincidences and remark on them to other ppl in a way that suggests the Supernatural then you may want to read on.

Back in the early - mid 90's when I was a kid in Australia I used to watch Italian Soccer on a Sunday Afternoon, I am English so Italian Soccer had no interest for me, but it was the only Soccer on at that time so I watched it.  Anyway the one thing that stuck in my head and I still remembered years later was the image of the AC Milan coach Fabio Capello standing on the sideline instructing his players.  I didnt develop any emotion either like/dislike towards him, just for some strange reason I always notcied him


Fast Forward 18 years, England (a team that has crushed me time and time again in World Cups and European Championships over the years) comes out of 2 years with the most incompetent manager in the Nations history (See the Washington Symmetry developing) in Steve McLaren, who not only did not win the European Championship, with the most gifted generation of English Soccer players since the 60's he managed to fail to even qualify for the tournament.


Now McLaren was seen as a project coach, they knew he would need to learn on the job, but his previous lack of experience meant that basically everyone outside of the management of the FA could see he was going to be a COMPLETE DISASTER.

Since they sacked him Capello has come in and England breezed through qualifying for the World Cup and are now one of the favourites, what are the hallmarks of Capellos leadership, well "He treats everyone equally"  "Competiion for places" and "Respect of the players earned through 2 decades of being a World Class manager"



OK so now back to that 12 year old kid.


At the same time I was watching Italian Football on Sundays I was watching "Don Lanes NFL Roundup" on Tuesday nights, which consisted of highlights from each game and extended highlights (maybe 40 minutes in duration) of the Feature match, now for some reason there was one Coach I always noticed back then too, for the same non-emotional reasons as I noticed Capello, he just stood out in my memory somehow.... you guessed it  Mike Shanahan, I can still see him as he was then in my minds eye.


MY point then is this. So far the story of England reaching its lowest ebb under a woefully underprepared manager whom every fan suspected from day one was not up to the job and the last 2 years of the Washington Redskins seem to match up, so if you want a Redskins Superbowl in the next 2 years I have one thing you might want to do.




IF England win the World Cup this year, I am not joking the symmetry will so astound me I am going to find a bookie and put $1000 on the Skins to win the SB within the next 3 years (length of Shanahans contract)


So if you see ESPN and england have won the World Cup, that should raise your hearts, the symmetry is too powerful to argue with    :))))))

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