Bruce Allen Wants Camaraderie, Dexter Manley Predicts a Miracle...


I was recently reading an article on ESPN Writer Matt Mosely's Dallas Cowboys NFC East Blog about GM Bruce Allen trying to reach out to former players who feel disenfranchised and have very critical of Owner Daniel Snyder and the state of the franchise itself over the years including players such as: Brian Mitchell, Lavar Arrington, John Riggins.  It opened my eyes to how big the gap actually is between the franchise and some of its former stars. 

"Our job, as current employees, is to respect the history," said Allen. "The reason we have fans is the great performances of the players and coaches and the fans before. We didn't create this magic last year or the year before, or this year. It's everyone who came before us."

I get excited to know that someone is trying to rekindle the camaraderie between ex-players and the Washington Redskins franchise. 

One person that has been on our side and has had an optimistic outlook year-in and year-out is Redskins Great Dexter Manley.  Read his predictions and a couple of slams on Jason Campbell after the jump... 

Per D.C. Sports Bog, Dexter Manley shows his utmost optimism about the upcoming season:

"I would advise all the season ticket holders, all the people who didn't get their tickets, get your tickets, because it's gonna be something,"  Manley said this week on ESPN 980's The Sports Fix. "A miracle is gonna happen this season for the Redskins of 2010. Believe I said it right here. It's gonna happen. I think they can win nine games-plus this year....

I think it's a new beginning and a new hope for this whole football fever around here in this Redskin Beltway and outside of the beltway. I mean, I think Dan Snyder done an outstanding job bringing in Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, trickle on down, bringing in some fresh legs, some old legs, continuity, and they're gonna win. They're gonna win. I'm on the bandwagon."

More from D.C. Sports Bog, this time Dexter blasting Jason Campbell...Sorry, LJP:

"[McNabb's] very smart and I understand he picks up the offense right away, opposed to our other quarterback who didn't, couldn't read a defense," Dexter said. "And I think McNabb can read a defense. And if they can't protect the quarterback, at least they have somebody who can get rid of the football and don't take a sack. I think that's what McNabb brings to the table."

"I think that Jason couldn't process the game fast enough," Dexter said. "He had all the mechanics, but he didn't process the game. He can't read the defense, he can't get the people lined up at the wideout, he can't get the running backs lined up right. It's too much for him to process. And then here come a guy in his face...It was just too much for him."

Just a breath of fresh air for a fan to hear a former player expecting great things...and its great to know our GM is trying to bring the state of the franchise and relations with former players up a few notches. 

I look forward to your comments below... 

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