Redskins Stimulus Trade Package 1: 2010

So imagine a package deal: the Redskins now only have 4 picks in the 2010 Draft, and are in need of some more picks.


Jason Campbell: I still feel he played very well given the circumstances and I hope he goes somewhere and succeeds.  He is a high character, class act QB in the NFL (commands a 3rd or early 4th round pick).

Chris Horton: Yes, this is a surprise name on this list.  He can play FS/SS, but we have a crowded SS backfield, and Kareem Moore is only serviceable as a backup FS.  “The Predator” would make a fine addition to another teams’ secondary.  I don’t think trading LaRon would be wise, but we need to draft a “real” Free Safety to play alongside him. (A bonus addition to Fat Al and JC in the trade).  It also makes me sick to my stomach to think the Eagles are trying to make a push to draft Eric Berry.

Albert Haynesworth: Is he our version of the Eagles’ McNabb? Have we already written this guy off?  I think we are at the point of no return and all you can do is trade him.  You obviously can scratch teams that run the 3-4 Defense off of the list.  Scratch the Giants (I don’t see them trading in the division like the silly Eagles), the Pats, Saints, and Colts (although Freeney, Mathis, Haynesworth would be downright nasty).   (Commands a 1st round pick)

(Andre Carter also in the mix)



After I boiled down the list, chopping off the teams that run the 3-4, teams that wouldn’t really use JC, and teams that downright make some sense, I’ve got 7.

St. Louis:  If they would send their 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick, and the “injured” Adam Carriker, they’ll be able to select Bradford at #1 without throwing him to the wolves.  Haynesworth would be able to make Chris Long a better player, and most likely bring Leonard Little back to playing again.  Horton would be able to give the Rams a solid safety even if OJ Atogwe doesn’t re-sign.  Campbell is much better than AJ Feeley, Kyle Boller, or Keith Null.


Tampa Bay: If they would send their 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick, and 4th round pick, Raheem Morris might be able to keep his job one more year.  They gain a solid backup for 2nd year Josh Freeman, get a solid safety in Horton, and be able to gain a huge boost to the player we all thought would sign with them last year, Albert Haynesworth.  Then the Bucs will have options with their 1st round pick- Berry/Suh/McCoy all possible options.


Detroit: Send their 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick, 5th round pick. Coach Jim Schwartz will reunite with Albert and would probably take Russell Okung at #2 overall.  Matthew Stafford will take some shots and was a bit injury prone so JC will help.  Horton will play alongside Louis Delmas, which would help the Lions secondary.


Tennessee: They would have to pay the Skins some of the $21 mil that we gave Albert recently, but this seems the most likely destination for him if they are all traded individually.  On top of sending Washington both their 3rd and 4th round picks.  Kerry Collins is fading badly as a backup on top of being 37, and Horton will help the weak secondary (surprisingly) from last year.


Jacksonville: Their team is going to be leaving to a different state if they don’t make some serious moves, and they will need more than Tim Tebow to be their savior.  Sending Washington their 1st (10th overall), 4th and 6th round picks would help immensely.  Jason Campbell could give David Garrard a run for his money, Albert would instantly help the defense, as well as Horton (Sean Considine and Reggie Nelson are average at best).  With the 4th and 10th pick in the draft, the Skins could take Berry and Trent Williams/Brian Bulaga. 


Oakland: You’d think this would be automatic given Oakland’s silly draft habits.  They could send the Skins their 1st (8th overall), 4th and 7th round picks.  Like above with Jacksonville, the Skins could fill 2 starting holes (LT and FS) with Berry and Williams.  Oakland would have a real QB, JC, who’d study, work hard, and never let his weight get to 290 lbs like JaMarcus Russell.  Haynesworth and Richard Seymour would make a formidable front, Michael Huff has been a disappointment, and, oh wait, they still have Nnamdi Asamougha.


Houston:  After all, we did steal their Offensive Coordinator and a backup QB; let’s get some of their picks while we’re at it too.  If they send their 1st (20th Overall) and 3rd round pick, the deal would help both teams.  Houston would win the division hands down.  Peyton would be on his back with Amobe Okoye, Haynesworth, and Mario Williams breathing down his neck.  Not to mention DeMeco Ryans and Brian Cushing flying around there as well.  Horton would be a strong presence with Bernard Pollard, and Jason Campbell would be solid for a team with Matt Schaub, who has had some injury history.


This is all speculation and thoughts – and maybe none of this will even happen.  Some under-the-radar names I think the Skins should look at if they do acquire picks outside of the 1st round:

Reshad Jones (FS)

Jacoby Ford (WR/RB/Returner)

Ciron Black (OT)

Jason Fox (OT)

Vladamir Ducasse (G)

Chris Hall (C)

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