Ed Wang Could Really Help the Redskins

Okay, so enough with the McNabb talks for a bit. Time to look at a promising prospect who could really help the Redskins franchise on a number of levels - Ed Wang - OT from VT.

He's been featured in one or two articles already as a mid-round talent that could help our 'weakest link'. It's unanimous that our offensive line could use as many positive additions as possible. And with the recent McNabb trade, it is looking much more plausible that the Redskins decide to go with an offensive tackle at #4 in the upcoming draft. Okung is the favorite, Trent Williams is consolation. Okung would move into our line as an immediate starter at left tackle. Next to him is a solid starter in Derrick Dockery. In the middle is another solid starter in Casey Rabach. There's a crowd of available right guards to choose from in Rinehart, Big Mike Williams, Artis Hicks, and Stephon Heyer. Finally, there is a big hole at right tackle where Levi Jones is expected to start, though not exactly the ideal plug.

Insert Wang.

As covered by KevinE earlier this year, Ed is 6'5, 315 lbs, All-ACC second teamer projected for the 4th or 5th round (We actually still have those picks!) His NFLDraftScout report:

Scouting ReportWang is an athletic big man with some rough edges. He can explode into players while on his feet. As a tight end in high school, his team likes to run behind him quite often, and he is normally taking on the key block in the plays. Defensively, he plays a standup defensive end, rushing on 90% of the plays. In the film, teams ran away from him normally, but he never gave up on plays. On the plays to his side, the corner is always secure and runners are forced inside.

Eddie Wang was also recently showcased on, in a feature title An American Tale, about how Wang can become the first player in the NFL of full Chinese descent. The feature also shows his parents, who were both long-time Olympians and began training Ed and his brother (a guard at VT), with their knowledge of the training, from a very young age. There's something about his upbringing and demeanor that appears more professional than the wife-beating, gun-toting children that are becoming more common in the league.

There's another obvious benefit from drafting Wang. Not necessarily our benefit, but one that could make the acquisition more likely. Remember Yao Ming? He's kind of a big deal in the NBA. Pretty tall, really scrawny, a five-foot bank shot is really the extent of his game. But they LOVE him in China. It's pretty evident when you look at the yearly all-star balloting and see his name towering over everyone elses with a country's worth of votes. With an ever expanding population of discretionary spenders, China has found interest in American sports. Attaching the first Chinese player to a 'new look' Redskins with Shanahan and McNabb should attract a whole new market of potential fans for Danny Boy to profit off of.

Finally, there's one Hogs Haven blogging benefit of picking up Ed Wang: The obvious comparisons to Jumbo Fumiko from The Replacements.



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