Ok sooo there is this McNabb guy right....

Alright Washington Redskins fans we've added two new quaterbacks to our roster this offseason.

Rex Grossman and this guy Donovan Mcnabb.

Now i've been through the blogs and the internet reading alot of comments over the past few hours and it seems as though our fanbase either really detests this move or really is excited about it. But i'm not going to get into my opinion too much because its not MY team, it's our team we all love the redskins (i hope or kill yourself) and really want them to excell in the NFC East and the NFL as a whole. Now that, that has been said this move has made alot of people question Shanahan and Allen and the "New Regime".Understood. As fans of a franchise who spend their well earned money and time dedicated to the support of a team we have the right to voice our opinions and criticism's of the team. Alot of us say this is great we haven't had a good look at QB i think since Brad Johnson (just a fan voicing my opinion) , some say we finally have a leader behind center, or we have a perennial Pro-Bowler at the helm...


And on the other hand we say that this is a horrible can we think about signing another veteran with age not on his side....why do we give away draft picks for another over the hill addition to our roster....Some want Jason at the helm...some want Rex to lead us to the promised land...(ha just playing)...others want to trade up for Sam Bradford or use the 4th pick on Clausen...or use the 37th on i said we are all allowed to voice our opinions we earn it every year all year with the support of this franchise...


But i will say is not in our hands....and i only realized this after today no matter what we write,speculate,hate or love about what the Redskins are doing it's not in our much as we like to hate it Daniel Snyder is our owner and the man will do exactly what he always has...absolutely whatever he wants....we give up our 2nd round 37th overall pick and conditional 3rd or 4th rounder in next years for a guy....who forced his franchises hand to be traded to the Washington Redskins....when the Eagles in respect told Donovan about the teams offering trades for him...the Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders...he threatened to retire and not to sign a contract extension...he handpicked the Skins so he could play against a franchise and fanbase who has never given him the proper respect regardless of his old enough to remeber when he got booed by eagles fans in 1998 because the didn't draft "Sir-Smoke-Alot" Ricky granted he's had a decent career but its been nothing like what Donovan has done in Philadelphia....he comes here with a grudge to play with...he wants to beat the Eagles period...that is admirable to me...He has never been a problem child player he has always been a great leader and teammate and he plays the most important position on the field quite well.


Like I brought up earlier it is not in our hands no matter what we do...I for one have gone on a hell of a roller coaster ride this off-season enough...from firirg Vinny Cerrato (thank the heavens above), to adding a new head coach..general manager...offensive coordinator...WR coach...strength and conditioning coach....Samuels retiring...are we or aren't we going after Peppers...Artis Hicks...cutting 10 redskins veteran players...Ma'ake sigining...Larry Johnson...Wille Parker...Haynesworth working out on his own...Rex Grossman, and now this...


It really is a new regime and they are stocking this team with veteran players and thats all there is too it. We can watch or not they're going to do one thing im sure of run this team the way they see fit in order to win football games. I guess im just swallowing the pill of "i cant do anything about this it is what it is"...


So with that said Skins fans its only been a few hours and i'm still hot on the topic what do we think is next?

Get Dono some help make the effort to grab Brandon Marshall??

Leave Jason as the backup let McNabb tutor the young fella for the next few years??

Trade Campbell to the teams that wanted McNabb for maybe a 3rd or 4th??

I'm hearing some people throw Cooley up for grabs for some picks??

Sign Flozell Adams maybe??

use one of our trades for picks to still pursue Jared Gaither??


What i am saying Redskins fans in this attention deficit flavored blog is that what's done is done...let's move on and talk plenty of trash about the next 16 days leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft. This guy Donovan McNabb is now the Washington Redskins quarterback  whether we like it or lets see what good conversation we can stir up to get this man some help to put up more than the 20 points we average a game, keep those tender ribs from getting crushed....and c'mon people lets beat the fucking Cowboys,Giants and Eagles for once!!!!!!


let's not forget what makes sports as a whole great it is unpredictable and keeps on the edge of our seats and asking for more...

hail to the redskins....

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