A Roster Review, no evaluations, Just the Roster

Add a Galloway and with the Draft picks and the two (THAT's 2!) UDFA, the Roster stands at 85 players!

NFL Rule:

Prior to the start of NFL summer camp, each team is allowed 80 players on their offseason roster. 

The Redskins are at "85", The Max is 80 so what gives?

Washington Redskins roster

Reviewing the Roster: 85 players? Includes the draft picks, none of which are really signed but will be, so with each draft player signing another player will be released:

Tryout players, those mistakenly listed as being signed but really are not, who's spot will they take?

Draft Picks:  (6)



Austin, Terrence WR R Capers, Selvish OT R Cook, Erik C/G R Morris, Dennis TE/FB R Riley, Perry LB R Williams, Trent T



Who will be released with each draft signing?  Each signing?

  What will the 80 man roster really look like at the start of camp?


13 Defensive lineman signed on the Roster

15 Offensive lineman, including the 3 draft picks to be signed

1 Long Snapper, is this the end of the Red Snapper?  The Roster holds no room for competition

1 punter, don't look for punter competition to be started Bidwell is the punter for the 2010 Redskins

2 kickers, how long will that last?

10 WRs with the addition of Galloway, A bad signing...don't think the team needs a veteran for some leadership, after Moss and Galloway the next senior WR Roydell Williams!  This is a VERY young GROUP!  Which makes the Donovan trade even more important, based on his past performances he has done well with engaging younger WRs 

4 QBs, If Clark performs well at his tryout expect Bartel to be released:  The Redskins are at the limits and QB is not where they need to carry additional players (5 would be additional)

7 RBs, on the Roster which does not include the FBs:  Everyone is talking about carrying the "3" CP, LJ and WP, it would be a huge mistake to have no young RB's on the 53 man roster...Don't see how that will occur, expect one to be cut.

This could go on and on, as the Redskins are very much in disarray as to who the 53 man roster will be, and this is the biggest difference in the past 10 years.

The Redskins had a "select" group already on the "team", leaving only a few spots available to other players. but Using that management style leads to a group of individuals, a group which is looking out for number one and while a part of a team is not "the team"  

Shanahan and Allen are setting up by building a team, a hard fought 53 guys who want to be Washington Redskins: Who want to collectively become something special and this is why 2010 could be a very special year.  We will see some solid players released this summer during the preseason but it will all be the part of a plan to build a team and not a bunch of players.

The Redskins have been a bunch of players, some years included some great players and solid results but never a solid team and group of players working to win every game but this year every single player is playing for a spot on the 53 man roster....For in Redskin land every future action will require a reaction, and as the roster is reduced to 53 every player will have earned a spot on the TEAM.

GO TEAM! For TEAMS win championships not players!

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