The True Redskins Draft List (better than initially appears)

Round 1 (4) Trent Willaims ....not rated as high as Okung by most but good fit for ZBS from all accounts

Round 2 (37) Donovan McNabb....  supposed upgrade over JC,. but seeing as JC never had a good line and has now gone to Oakland another shambles of a franchise we will never know his true potential

Round 3 Jeremy Jarmon  ..... I beleive should bulk up and play end in the 3-4 but apparently he is being asked to lose weight and play OLB

Round 4 Perry Riley.... a well regarded LB who played Outside but fits well as an ILB in the 3-4 after reading up about this guy, I rescind all my negative comments about him at the time of the pick, however if Campbell from Maryland ends up being a great T at Oakland I will take back the right to criticise this pick

Round 6  Adam Carriker DE from St Louis, (we trade down in the 6th to get this player)

Round 6 Dennis Morris TE, the strangest pick considering we have sleepy and cooley but apparently he will be a FB or HB

ROund 7 Terence Austin   small quick Slot Reciever, who apparently has great hands and is good in traffic, though the position seems a strange focus, I really like this pick, Shanahan has the right to pick his own recievers for his new QB and this guy is quick, strong and good hands from all reports so it looks good


Round 7  Erik COok, returning to the positions of need and provides depth at Centre and Guard, not sure if he is any good but at least the position is the right focus and our Scouts have a good record at finding late round gems lately see Horton, Chris


Round 7 Selvish Caper, lots of people like this pick, a guy with tremendous upside who could be starting at RT this year and in years to come, if the Rub on Trent WIlliams being more of a natural RT prove to be true, could even develop into a LT






SO when you factor in Jarmon, McNabb and Carriker this draft looks a lot better I feel than it did intitially.


The real mistake is getting basically nothing for JC17 by not trading him before the draft, or preferably before the McNabb signing when teams did not know that he had no value to us and consequently offered us nothing for him'


but if you forger the fact we gave away a competent QB with great intangibles and a proven NFL track record (why would McDaniels prefer Tebow too him is incomprehensible, you cant tell me Tebow has better character than JC, noone has better character than JC) but I digress.


When you factor in Jarmon and McNabb, while holding out hope we get Blount and possibly CIron Black as UDFA's then this draft is not as awful as it first appears


for some reason, and I know I will be alone on this, I have a really good feeling about the WR we got in the 7th Round. I dont know why, this is nto from tape or anything, I could not pick him out of a lineup, no I just got a vibe when reading about him, that he may be really good.

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