Now I know there will be a lot of feedback from this post and I will answer all. Now as I look at the schedule we have a tough road the first 8 games and won't get a bye until week 9. Now I'm be a realist if we don't address the O-line in the draft it will be a LONG season I mean a LOONNGGGG season.  I just heard Mike Shanaham saying that he not going to go the TO direction yet.

Let break the season down game by game and it doesn't look good on paper that we face a tough 9 weeks. In the first week big game Washington vs Dallas. We all know that we gonna go with skins win lose or draw. It all depends on how we address our O-line and who we have we was swept last year and it could go both ways on paper Dallas has the edge our only savior will be Donovan in both games predict we split season 1-1.

This will be a home coming for Kyle Shanaham he knows the Texan O better then anybody so we should have the upper hand and they are playing at home. Will be a tough game 27-17 Washington wins.

Against the Rams we should win this game easy. With a young QB hopefully they take Bradford and we don't trade Campbell away to them. If that happen then this could be a Revenge game for Campbell and a flip of the coin. Let's hope the latter don't happen. We should be 3-0 or 2-1 by this week.

This will be the game of the week and it at Philly. I promise this will be a 4pm or Prime Time sunday night game. This game will be won by the QB's and WR plain and simple. McNabb will get his revenge and a win.  We will split the season with them.

Glad we have the Packer at home. Our defense will have to win the game for us I say this will be the first home lost if we don't beat Dallas. The next week will be the same we haven't beaten the colts in a min. IF our defense don't rattle Peyton early then it could be a long day. 2 loses in 2 weeks there will be some grumbling in the locker room.

This will be a rematch of Mike S vs Jay C, the coach who drafted him and knows him better then anybody this will be the week that we get back on track, but again the O-line will have to protect McNabb blind side. Bears bulked up on defense in the off season. We will get a tough win, but at what cost and will our QB get hit.

This should be the beat down that we owe them. It was us who game the Lions there first win last year and it should be us to return the favor. Then our bye week is upon us and we should see what injuries we have and what our O-line looks like.  Next 8 weeks we should win against the Titans, Vikings if Brett is gone, split with the Giants, beat the Buccaneers will be at home , split season with the cowboys, should beat the jaguars, if we won the first meeting with the giants that should be the only lose if Brett is not back with the vikings.

In all we should be at least 10-6OR 9-7 with the splits in the division with loses only to COLTS, PACKER and Viking if Brett Favre is retired. I would like to know what other think what I season will be and where will be finish.

Peace HTTR

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