Redskins Draft 2010: Late Round Prospects/Undrafted Free Agents

Below is a list of some late round draft prospects, and undrafted free agents that may be on the Redskins radar.  I expect these players to be avaliable after the 5th round.


Please add whomever you like to this list so we can generate some good discussion.

Myron Rolle  S  6-2  215  Florida State

The Rhodes Scholar from Florida State would be a great addition for any team that chooses to draft him.  His coaches at Florida State described him as another coach on the field.  Rolle has been out of football for a year while attending Oxford University in England, but he has kept himself in great shape, and is dedicated to being an NFL football player; for now.


Chris Bell  WR  6-2  211  Norfolk State

Bell has the size and speed that Shanahan covets in wide recievers, and is also a good return man.  After releasing Randel-El, and hearing rumors that the Redskins are interested in both Brandon Marshall, and TO, it is almost a certainty that the Redskins will look to add another receiver to the roster.  Could Bell be that diamond-in-the-rough that so many teams are looking for?


Abe Koroma  DT/NT  6-3 313  Western Illinois

Koroma has a rare mixture of size and quickness at the Defensive Tackle position.  His great initial first step, and ability to hold the double team could land him a spot on an NFL roster this spring.  He could be given a look at Nose Tackle in the 3-4 defense.


Dennis Landolt  T/G  6-4  308  Penn State

Landolt has the ability to play both guard and tackle in the NFL.  His versatility could land him a spot on an NFL roster.  He isn't the best athlete, but his technique makes up for this.  He was a 3 year starter at Penn State, and earned first-team all Big Ten in 2009 as voted on by the coaches.


Brandon Minor  RB  6-0  214  Michigan

Minor is a well-built, powerful back who also has experience in the return game.  He could transulate to an every-down type of back in the right NFL system.  He is a one-cut and go type player who has a good nose for the endzone.  He is also a good reciever out of the backfield. 

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